Office of the Surgeon
Camp Atterbury, Indiana
From 16 May to 17 May 1944
Day, Date & Hour Place Instructor Nature of Instruction Study Reference Equipment Uniform
Tuesday 16 May 0730-0830 106th Div Clr Sta Lt. Millman Orientation school (Conference) None Blackboard, chalk B with gas mask
0830-0930 ditto Lt. Penney Organization and individual equipment (Conference and demonstration) T/O and T/E Med Supply Catalog FM 8-35 C2 Litter, Medical pouches, packets, litter securing straps Ditto
0930-1130 Ditto Lt. Ross Preparation of casualties for transportation. (Conference, demonstration and application) FM 8-35 Litters, blankets, prepared patients Ditto
1230-1330 Ditto Lt. McCoy Litter Drill (Demonstration and application) FM 8-35 Chapter 3, Sec. 2. Litters, blankets, 3 demonstration teams Ditto
1330-1430 Ditto Lt. McCoy Loading of litter (Demonstration and application) FM 8-35 Chapter 3, par 22 Litters, blankets Ditto
1430-1630 331st Med Bn Training Area Lt. Teason Litter carries over obstacles (Conference, demonstration and application) FM 8-35, par 23-24 Litters Ditto
Wednesday 0730-0830 106 Div Lt. Penney Litter relay posts.  Wheeled litter carrier (Conference and demonstration) FM 8-35, par 26 Wheeled litter carriers, litters, blankets, blavkboard Ditto
0830-0930 Ditto Lt. McCoy Ambulance loading (Demonstration and application) F< 8-35 par 37-41 Litters,  ambulances Ditto
0930-1130 Ditto Lt. Teason Improvised carries, splints and litters (Demonstration and application) FM 8-35 Chapter 2, Chapter 3, par 15-17 Rifles, poles, blankets, overcoat, field jacket, fatigue clothing, etc. Ditto
1230-1330 Ditto Lt Ross Army arm and leg splint (Demonstration and application) Instructor's guide Army arm splint, Army leg splint, bandages, tourniquet Ditto
1330-1430 Ditto Lt. Ross Bandaging and splinting FM 8-50 Bandages and splints Ditto
1430-1530 Ditto Lt. Ross Emergency Med. Treatment Instructor's guide Bandages and tournequets Ditto
1530-1630 Ditto Lt. Millman Examination None Examination papers  

1. Each student will bring notebook, pencil, and medical pouches to class.
2. Rosters will be submitted to Instructor at last class daily.

For the Surgeon:

1st Lt., Med Adm C
Office Executive
Contributed by John D. Bowen, National Archives Researcher
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