Charles Cook Frair

422nd Regiment,
Company B

Charlie was killed in the Battle of the Bulge on December 19, 1944, the day his unit was run over.  He was 35 years old, had three kids, and did not have to go at all.
His last letter home ..........

December 14, 1944

Dearest Sweetheart Wife and Children,

Hello Darling, hope you are all well and happy and a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year to you darling, Stub, Button, (Frank?), Mom Collier, Mom and Charlie.  

I'm now in Germany, was in Belgium a short time, seen some nice forests, seen a fox track in Belgium, and heard a fox and seen some elk tracks here in Germany.  Honey, I miss you and our kids an awful lot.  

I think of you every second and I worry about you all the time.  Can't help it.  Haven't had a letter since I left England, the last one I wrote was in France.  How is the trapping and did the old hunter get a deer?  

There is a lot of snow here, reminds me of hunting deer in the North Woods, but these kind shoot back.  How is everybody and everything?  Hope all right.  

I'll write when I can, Sweetheart, don't worry, take good care of yourselves and remember I love you.  

God bless you all and write often.  Millions of kisses for you.

Your True Loving Husband,

I love you, darling Viola.

Submitted by Doug Macdonald. Hamilton, NY, Charlie was Mr. Macdonald's wife's Grandfather.  His email address is

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