Frederick W. Thul
106th Infantry Division

Sgt. Frederick W. Thul Carries Flag In Parade of Crack Troops

Honor of carrying the Stars and Stripes in a parade of the 422nd Infantry, the "Smash and Drive" regiment of the 106th "Lion" Division in Germany, was that of Sgt. Frederick W. Thul of 145 Pemberton Ave. He said he recognized this as an honor in a letter to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Thul of the Pemberton Ave. address.

There were 490 men of the "Smash and Drive" regiment recently awarded a bronze battle star for participation in the Northern France campaign. All had previously won battle stars for the Rhineland campaign.

Held Nazis Back

In Northern France the 422nd was among the units which held a ring of steel around the German forces in Lorient and St. Nazaire. In the Rhineland, the 106th Division drove through and over the German 26th Division's positions in the Siegfried Line.

The full story of the 422nd Infantry Regiment's heroic stand in the Ardennes in December has only recently been released. On the flank of the Lion Division's sector of the Germany-Belgium border, the regiment's first taste of combat came with the massive panzer assault which heralded the break­through into the Bulge.

The full force of the Nazi panzer and SS attack smashed into the 422nd and 423rd regiments. For two days and two nights "Smash and Drive" men bore the brunt of the attack, charged with the mission of holding. They held against two German divisions Long enough to save the Bulge from exploding into a decisive Nazi victory.

7,000 Missing

The defense of the Ardennes cost the 422nd and 423rd combat teams nearly 7,000 men missing in action. Most of the missing soldiers were liberated from German prisoner of war camps in later campaigns.

Sergeant Thul went overseas on May 6, 1944. He is a graduate of North Plainfield High School, where he was outstanding in track activities. He won the high jump championship for that school in 1938, and also took part in Newark Aeademy Invitation Track and Field Meets. He attended Newark College of Engineering and was on the track team while a student there.

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