Edwin Groller
424th Regt/ Company E
106th Infantry Division

Edwin Groller's son, Wayne is trying to locate information about his Father's service in the 106th Division.  From some old photographs, he has determined that he was in the 424th Regiment, Company E.  But he would like confirmation.  Please review the photos below and if you can help, let him know.

The information will be in the next issue of the CUB.

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Turner, the Mail Clerk, Edwin, and LaPorte

Cpl. Havir and Edwin Groller in Miami Beach

Cpl. Kloberdanz, Cpl Mato (now Sgt.) and Edwin Groller at Fort Jackson SC.

Sgt. McFarlane from 71st Claremont Street, Chicago and Cpl. Mato (now Sgt.)

The bottom 2 photos are of course my father.  The top left photo on the back says this, 
My three roommates and myself with the ocean in the background.
Left to right, Havir, Morressette, Young and myself. 
The second photo on the top right says this on the back, 
Sitting on the front porch of the Crescent.
Left to right, Havir, Young, myself and Morressette.

First photo on top left,
Cpl Weber, Ogorevc, Wargo & myself
Second photo on top left,
Weber & Lightning  (My father in the back I think)
Bottom Photo,
Lightning, myself, & Weber

Top row;
Myself, Sgt. Ward, DeMers and Willis in front of a cafe
Dodge, Mcpherson, Kaplan, Me (sitted)
Art Ponchaud & Me.  106th Inf. Div. about 1944
Bottom row;
Tate, Cy Hussong-(standing), Hattyak, (seated) Etherton, Petersen
McCullough, Kaplan, Me, Dodge
(standing on left) Hattyak, Tate, (seated)- McPherson, Cy Hussong, Me (in middle) 

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Source: Son 12/2009
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