Haskell T. Anderson
422 Infantry Regiment, Company E

I registered for the draft August 22, 1944 at the age of 17.   Had no one to sign for me.  My 18th birthday was December 12, 1944.  I married on October 28, 1944, left for camp November 6, and went to Infantry Replacement Center for Basic at Camp Blanding Florida.  Some dates are hazy, but I left for ETO in February of 1945, shipping out of Camp Kilmer, New Jersey on the Queen Elizabeth.

After as short stay in England went to LeHavre, France through South Hampton, England.   Went to Rennes, France and was assigned to "E" Co., 422nd Infantry, 106th Infantry Division as a replacement.  We relieved the 66th Inf. Div. at St. Nazaire for 2-3 weeks.  Then moved to Northern France, left the 106th after the end of the war.   Was assigned to the 256th FAB a Lewidberg, Germany.  Stayed with them until late October 1945.  Re-Upped for one year, was discharged as a draftee and inducted into the Regular Army at Ulm, Germany in November 1945.  Sent to Antwerp and left for the States November 29, 1945 for Camp Miles Standish, Boston, Mass.  Landed December 9, went to Indiantown Gap, then home on a 60 day furlough, then to the 46th FAB, 5th Div., Camp Campbell, Kentucky.  The 5th was deactivated in Spring of '46.  I was transferred to the 3rd Infantry Division, 39th FAB.  Discharged October 26, 1946 at Camp Campbell.

I went into construction as an Operating Engineer and heavy equipment mechanic until May 1, 1989.  My wife of 45 years was hit head-on, 2.5 miles from our home.   The man that hit her was also killed.  We raised four boys and one girl.   The children are all married.  The wife and I had lived here on a farm raising sheep.  Now that I am alone I'd like to get together with some of my past.   Since the 106th was part of my past, I was pleased to find that I could join the Association.  I am a member of the VFW, the American Legion and am a 32nd Degree Mason. 

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