Herbert B. Livesey, Jr.
Captain CWS
106th Infantry Division

Mr. Livesey received the LLB degree from De Paul University in Chicago in 1929 after having spent three years pre-law at the University of Illinois where he was commissioned a 2d Lt. of Cavalry in the Reserve.  From 1930 to 1942 he was the executive secretary of the Merchant Tailors and Designers Association of America, handling their conventions, publishing of the monthly trade magazine, "The Merchant Tailor," all public relations and personnel matters for an organization of 1,200 members scattered all over the English speaking parts of the globe.  He came with the Division as a Captain of CWS on original orders of December 10, 1942 and remained with it until deactivated at Camp Shanks.

published in the "CUB", 03-01-1946
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