John Phillips
Co E, 424th Regiment
106th Infantry Division

John Phillips
Born: 1923
Reason for entering military service: Phillips, a Waterloo native, enlisted in the Army Air Corps.
Assigned: Initially assigned to Army Air Corps but was reassigned to Company E, 424th Infantry Regiment, 106 Infantry Division.
Rank: First Lieutenant

"Suddenly we had walked into a German ambush. They were behind us. They were around us. They were in the trees. They were in the bushes. They were firing from every direction..."

In January of 1945, 22 year-old John Phillips of Waterloo was part of a group of replacement troops sent to the 106th Infantry Division fighting the Battle of the Bulge. After taking the town of Medell, Belgium, Phillips took a small group of men just beyond where most of his unit was camped.  There, he began directing the placement of two machine guns to protect against a German counterattack. Phillips was captured, sent to a front-line German field hospital for surgery, and then forced to walk 15 miles to a prison camp near Koblenz, Germany.

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