Gene Miller
592nd Field Artillery, Company B
106th Infantry Division
Enclosed is a song I wrote that I would like to dedicate to all members, living and dead of the 106th Infantry Division and especially to all my friends and buddies of B Battery, 592 FA.
"Come On American"
by Gene Miller

Come on you Americans
Pitch in give it a try
Tell the world we want peace
and not to deny.

Let's kill war fighting, not the human race.
Be it known to all Americans - set the pace

Come on you Americans
It's never too late
Practice peace and harmony
Forget about hate.

Now don't back down
And not answer the call
It's for all proud Americans
You, one and all.

We reached the moon and explored outer space.
It's time now for peace
So let's start the race.
We start here at home
by learning to forgive.
Think Americans there's not a better place to live.

You're all asked to help
Don't let each other down.
Accept with a smile
Eliminate the frowns.

Join in the plan
Together we cannot fail.
Peace and happiness in the world
Forever to prevail.

We admit our mistakes
But now peace is the goal.
Every red-blooded American
God bless our soul.

Come on you Americans
Now don't hesitate.
It's peace forever
The wars to eliminate.

Come on Americans
Let's all answer the call.
Together forever united
You know we won't Fall.

Tell the whole world
We're taking the lead.
Peace won't be far away
We'll have God Speed.

Paris 1945

Gene Miller & Ed Prieble
592/B Heilbron

On the way Home

"Peachie" Stengle & Ritts

Gene Miller, Zorsoli & Ed Priebe in Paris
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