Paul G. Thompson
Reconnaissance Troop
106th Infantry Division
Email from Paul Thompson, 2007-07-37:

Yes, Jim, I was a machine gunner with the 106th Recon Troop. Joined at Camp Atterbury.  We fought at Grosslangenfeld and certainly fired some of the earliest shots of the Battle of the Bulge.

The Recon Troop held the Germans back for the better part of two days and forced them to go around us, through the 424 Cannon Co. and the 14th Cavalry on either side--but that's another story.

Unfortunately, my account is not written. I dictated it on 2 CD's--for my grandchildren to listen to. Re: the Battle at Grosslangenfeld, I'll send you a copy of a letter to AXPOW sent a few years ago including excerpts from an account written by one of the attacking German officers.

Paul Thompson

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