The Board of Directors, during the 1989 Annual Reunion at Schaumburg, Illinois, requested that I do a survey on what it would take to produce a book which would “Review” the important and interesting stories from the 106th Infantry Division's quarterly publication “The CUB.”


Its production was authorized after the Board viewed my preliminary work at the 1990 Sacramento Annual Reunion.


The first stateside CUB, Vol 3, No. 1 August 1946 through Vol 47, No. 3 Apr‑May‑Jun 1991 were used in the research for material. Over 185 publications in all. 484 pages of text were chosen from over 4,000 pages of past publications. Nearly one hour per page was consumed in the researching, transcribing and laying out of the text matter into photo ready copy for the publisher.


This book is not intended to be one of a pure historical nature, such as produced by professional historians, nor is it one that discusses the theory of warfare. It is simply a reproduction of stories that appeared in past CUBs and other written material in which the 106th Infantry Division and the participants of The Battle of the Bulge were involved.


In this book beats the heart of the 106th Infantry Division and those who trained and fought with it. Without their input to “The CUB” this “Review” would not have been possible.


I too am proud to have done my part by collating and transcribing stories from the CUBs of the past. Stories that come from the hearts of the men and the history of the 106th.


Compiling them into this book  has preserved parts of the history of a great infantry division. One that, for a while, it seemed history and historians misunderstood.


The 106th Infantry Division proved on the battlefield that it was able to stand and fight. History and time have revealed that it was a great and courageous division.


This book is dedicated to those courageous men of the 106th Infantry Division and to its supporting units and their men,  living and dead.



John Kline, “M” Co., 423d Reg.

Squad Leader, 2d Squad, 1st Platoon (1944)

106th Infantry Division

CUB editor (1991)

1987 –

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