HEADQUARTERS 159th Infantry
APO 408, U. S. Army
INCL #3 
17 May 1945

MEMORANDUM : Regimental Alert Procedures
To                 : All Units, this organization

1.  An Alert Plan for the White Area will be established and maintained.  This Alert Plan indicates the organization of an "Alert Riot Team" within the organization of each enclosure, and two "Alert Riot Companies" within the White Area.  The Alert Riot Companies will be formed by Cannon Company in the southern part and Anti-Tank Company in the northern part of the area.

2.  Existing lines of communication will be supplemented and utilized to form a warning system.  Regiment will be kept informed of an "Condition: that may occur or exist at all enclosures.  There will be four (4) "Conditions" which will apply to Regiment and Enclosure alike.

         (1)  Battalion "Alert Riot Team" will be on a five minute alert --- Regiment will be notified.

         (2)  Regimental "Alert Riot Company" will be informed of the location and existence of this condition.

         (1)  Battalion "Alert Riot Team" will move by motor to area of the disturbance.  Regiment will be notified.

         (2)  When Condition Orange exists at any enclosure, Regiment will declare Condition Yellow to the "Alert Riot Company".  This Company is then on a five (5) minute alert.  The stand-by Company of the Regiment will be notified.

         (1)  Battalion "Alert Riot Team" will, by declaring this condition, call for reinforcements.

         (2)  On the declaration of the existence of Condition Red at any Enclosure, Regiment will declare Condition Orange, to the "Alerted Riot Company".  This condition will cause the Alerted Rioted Company to move by motor to the area of disturbance.

         (3)  Upon a declaration of Condition Red from the "Alerted Riot CO." at the scene of the disturbance, Regiment will declare Condition Orange to the "Stand-by Company".  This Unit will then move to the scene of the disturbance.

         (1)  This is the All Clear condition to be declared by the enclosure Commander to all "Alert Riot Teams" or/and "Alert Riot Companies" that may be in the area.  Regiment will be informed of this condition, and will disseminate the information to the Alerted Riot Companies.  (See Annex #1 Alert Conditions".


1.  The Commanding Officer of each enclosure will cause an "Alert Riot Team" to be established and maintained.  This "Riot Team" will be composed of one (1) Rifle Platoon, or its equivalent, less Platoon Headquarters; reinforced by one .30 cal MG Platoon (modified) PWTE A-2 will not have the MG Platoon.

2.  The "Riot Team" will be made mobile by utilizing the three (3) 1 1/2 ton Veh from the Battalion A/T Platoon.  PWTE will use vehicles from their Motor Pool for transportation.

3.  The status of the "Riot Team" may never become static - that is platoons may be rotated on this mission.  It follows therefore, that all Officers and men must be well informed as to the exact duties and armament of this team.


1.  The HMG Platoon will be modified to the extent that it will consist of the platoon leader, two (2) section sergeants, five (5) drivers, four (4) gunners, four (4) assistant gunners, and three (3) ammunition bearers.

     a.  This platoon will be armed with their T/O & E wpns plus two tear gas grenades per vehicle.

2.  The Rifle Platoon will have the following arms:

     a.  12 tear gas grenades CN-DM, 2 per sqd, 1 dr, 2 per assist sqd ldr.

     b.  6 Machine Pistols, 1 per sqd ldr, 1 per assist sqd ldr.

     c.  3 BAR Teams complete.

     d.  The remainder of the Platoon will be armed with the M1 and will have the bayonet available for instant use.

     e.  The drivers of all vehicles will be armed with the M1 plus the grenade launcher M7 and grenades.


1.  The "Alert Riot Team" because of its comparative mobility, is capable of immediate employment in quelling riots or breaks near or around the enclosure.  Responsible Commanders will take steps to :

     a.  Insure an adequate warning system is set up to inform higher and lower Commands of any disturbance or the progress or cessation of any disturbance.

     b.  Post guards on all roads, trails, railroads, etc., leading away from the enclosure or leading toward any settlement, village, town, or river, whenever a break becomes imminent.

     c.  Have a reconnaissance made of the area to determine the likely avenues of escape.

     d.  Determine the best routes over which the "Riot Team" may move with the least delay during hours of daylight or darkness.  This information will be passed on to all members of the "Riot Team" prior to their going on the Alert.

     e.  Employ the "Alert Riot Team" in any settlement, village or town near the enclosure in the event of a local disturbance among the civilians.

     f.  Adopt formations and tactics to combat and quell riots in or near the enclosure or in or near any nearby villages or towns.


1.  There will be two (2) Regimental Riot Companies organized and maintained for operating within the White Area.  These Companies will be formed from the Regimental A/T Company and the Cannon Company.  The A/T Co hereinafter will be referred to as Doomsday HORNET located in the northern portion of the area.  Cannon Company hereinafter will be referred to s Doomsday MOSQUITO located in the southern part of the area.  Doomsday HORNET & MOSQUITO will be completely mobile and so organized as to operate without their 57mm and 105s armament.  The personnel of both will be transported on organic transportation.

2.  These task forces will be used to reinforce the "Alert Riot Teams", if the condition warrants.  Their mission will be to assist in quelling any riot, outbreak or other disturbance that may occur along enclosure.  In addition they may be used to quell disturbances in settlements, villages and towns.  These task forces will operate under control of Regiment unless attached to other units.

3.  Doomsday HORNET & MOSQUITO will be on the alert on alternate days.  The status of a task force not on the Alert is one of "Standing By".  That is the alerted force will be the one that will move if needed.  The "Stand By" force will be ready to supplement the alerted force.  All Officers and men must be well informed as to the exact duties and armament of the force.


1.  Task forces Doomsday HORNET & MOSQUITO:

     a.  Each force will be armed with their T/O & E individual weapons plus twelve (12) ear gas (CN-DM) grenades and twelve (12) phosphorus (M-15) grenades per vehicle.

     b.  Three (3) .50 cal MG will be manned by competent crews.

     c.  All Drivers will be armed both the M1 plus the grenade launcher M7, and grenades.

     d.  T/O & E launchers rocket, 2.36" plus rockets will be carried on vehicles ready for instant use if the situation demands.

     e.  All bayonets will be instantly available for use.


1.  Doomsday HORNET & MOSQUITO because of their mobility, are capable of immediate employment in assisting to quell riots or breaks near or around the enclosures in the White Area.  Speed is of essential importance.  Responsible Commanding Officers will take steps to:

     a.  Insure adequate warning systems are set up to alert every member of his command.

     b.  Have a reconnaissance made to determine the best practical routes from the force areas to the enclosures in the White Area.  This information well be passed on to all members of the Task force.

     c.  Coordinate his actions with Regiment and with the enclosure Commander.  A high degree of coordination will be required if the mission is to be accomplished successfully.

     d.  Employ the task force in any settlement, village or town near the enclosure in the event of a local disturbance among civilians.

     e.  Train each man of Command for the task of combating and quelling riots, adapt formations and tactics for the accomplishment of this mission.


Captain, Infantry

Annex Atchd


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