I was just checking on some "Ship's Crossing" data for a person who thought we went over on the QUEEN Mary. (See my reply to the inquirer, below.)


Our friend Wes Johnston had the 7th Armored web site and "Ships Crossing" at:

7th Armored Division: http://members.aol.com/dadswar
Ship Crossings http://members.aol.com/troopship/shipli44.htm
by W. Wesley Johnston, Web master

The SHIPS CROSSING URL has changed to:  http://troopships.pier90.org

My reply to an inquirer who thought part of the 106th went over on the Queen Mary:

I was not on the Aquitania. See below. 

Shipment overseas - 106th Infantry Division. 

Oct 8 1944 Advance Parties - Queen Elizabeth 

Oct 17 1944 The 423rd Infantry Regiment and the 2nd Battalion of the 424th  and most of the 87th Infantry Division - Queen Elizabeth 

Oct 20 1944 The 422nd Regiment and the 424th Regiment (minus the 2nd battalion) on the Aquitania 

Nov 11, 1944 The 81st Engineers Combat Battalion, all 106th Artillery and the 106th RECON Troop and a Battalion of black quartermaster troops on the Wakefield 

Here is a cut from that troop crossing page 

81st Engineer Combat Battalion, Division Artillery (589th, 590th, 591st, 592nd Field Artillery Battalions, Division Artillery Headquarters Battery), Special Troops (including 106th Reconnaissance Troop) (all from the 106th Infantry Division ); Battalion of black Quartermaster troops
sailed alone
Dupuy, St. Vith: Lion in the Way (1947), p. 8 and J. Kline

 There were no 106th troops on the Queen Mary at any time.

There is a plaque in the new Queen Mary, dedicated to the 106th (along with others), but that is because the Mary and the Elizabeth were from the same line.

John Kline

Editor - The CUB

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