Citation of Unit
General Order 1944-M-003

Company "C", 424th Infantry, is cited for outstanding performance of duty in action during Second Army Maneuver Number 5.  This Company became separated from the remainder of the Battalion while being attacked by a superior force.  In order to rejoin the Battalion, Company "C" proceeded cross county, approximately twenty-nine miles.  During the march behind enemy lines, the morale of the unit was superior.  Twenty nine vehicles, approximately seventy men and a cannon CP were captured and one bazooka team destroyed a 57mm anti-tank gun.  During the march, enemy traffic and communications were completely disrupted.  The action of this unit was marked by gallantry, fearlessness, and devotion to duty.

In addition, special recognition is made of Captain Ralph K. Lee, O-394 457, Company "C", 424th Infantry for his outstanding leadership in maintaining within his command high morale and willingness to fight.  Residence at call to active duty: Clover, South Carolina.

source: General Maneuver Order 1944-M-003

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