Company G, 424th Regiment
106th Infantry Division

Front to back, left to right:

1st Row:
SSgt Labrewski, SSgt Lord, TSgt Griffin, 1st Sgt Davis, Capt Cohen, 1st Sgt Hicks, TSgt Lingerfelt, TSgt Lewis, SSgt Thornley, SSgt Chaplin

2nd Row:
SSgt Armstrong, SSgt Kommer, Ssgt Campbell, Ssgt Astorio, SSgt Thompson, SSgt Wyatt, Ssgt Hurteds, Sgt Tribout, Sgt Rossman

3rd Row:
Sgt Sarich, Sgt Lague, Sgt Wood, Sgt Westfall, Sgt Dalman, Sgt William (Bill) Coppenbarger, TSgt Philips, Sgt Lingis

Top Row:
T/5 DePasquale, Cpl Hereford, T/5 Ferris, Sgt Katz, Sgt Wilson, Cpl Fisher

(Names and photo supplied by Morris Griffin, 1st Row, 3rd man)
(Information from Dough Coppenbarger 03/31/2019)

SSgtColton (3rd row) corrected to Sgt William Coppenbarger

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James D. West