424th Regiment
Dates to Remember
(author unknown)
10/21/1944 POE New York (Aquitania)
10/27/1944 Gourock, Scotland
10/28/1944 Adderbury, England
11/02/1944 Southampton, England
12/03/1944 Rouen, France
12/07/1944 Yerville, France
12/10/1944 St Vith, Belgium (vicinity)
12/13/1944 Heckhalenfeld, Germany
12/16/1944 Beginning of the "Battle of the Bulge"
12/17/1944 Bracht, Belgium
12/18/1944 Burg-Reuland, Belgium
12/21/1944 Commanster, Belgium
12/23/1944 Withdrawn from Fortified Goose Egg. Bivouac near Werbomont, Belgium. (near Houssonloge, North of Werbomont)
12/25/1944 Harre, Belgium (attack by 2d BN on Manhay, Belgium)
12/30/1944 Oeguila, Belgium (farthest retreat West. Near Ouffet & Huy, Belgium)
01/01/1945 Château de Moffacts near Nandrin, Belgium
01/05/1945 Overnight in gym in Spa, Belgium. Hunting lodge near La Reid, Belgium
01/08/1945 Trois Pont, Belgium
01/16/1945 Aisomont, Belgium
01/23/1945 Deidenberg, Belgium
01/28/1945 Fraineux, Belgium (communications sections in Quatre Bras, Belgium)
02/05/1945 Honfeld, Belgium
02/07/1945 Railroad station near Buchholz, Belgium (communications sections in Losheimergraben, Belgium)
02/15/1945 Bivouac in woods outside of Losheimergraben
03/08/1945 Berk, Germany
03/16/1945 St Quentin, France
04/07/1945 Camp Coetqeichon near Rennes, France
04/13/1945 St Jaques Airport, Rennes, France
04/23/1945 Heidesheim, Germany
05/02/1945 Ingelheim, Germany
05/09/1945 VE Day
07/14/1945 Ettlingenr Germany
08/15/1945 VJ Day

I recognize the 1st five places; Aquitania, Gourock, Scotland; Adderbury, England; Southampton, England; Rouen, France. Then St. Vith, Belgium, Vicinity.

Then on 12/25/44, Harre, Belgium; 3/16/45 St. Quentin, France and 4/7/45 Camp Coetqeichon near Rennes, France.

The Soldier who had this map must have been an Officer because only Officers were at the gym in Spa, Belgium on 1/5/45 to have a bath. Enlisted men did not go there to have a bath.

I believe the Soldier who possessed this list was an Officer who was assigned to the 2nd Battalion of the 424th Regiment.

Floyd Ragsdale
424th Regiment.
Source: 106th papers, but author unknown
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James D. West