590th Field Artillery, Service Battery

590th Field Artillery, Service Battery
Camp Atterbury
May 8, 1944

Names, left to right at top row -

1. Pvt Samuel Lacassio
2. Clyde C. (Fat Boy) Richhart
3. Pvt Arlie Cook
4. Pvt J. C. Bishop
5. Pvt Joseph Kimmell
6. Pvt Joseph
8. Pvt Edward Robey
9. Edward Carl Mayer
10. "Rebel Boy" Eanes
11. Frank A. O'Connor
16. Pvt William F. Supp
17. Ray Klahunder

21. James E. Sego
22. Cpl John E. Wagoner
26. Melvin Karthen
27. William J. Fisher
57. Maurice L. "Bill" Williams
61. Sgt Simmons
63. Sgt Holcomb
67. Lt. Gerald K. Smith
70. Sgt DeLuca
71. Sgt Stone

Note: Number 11 above, Frank A. O'Connor name supplied by his family 11/19/2022. Formerly listed as "Frank Olammon (?)"

No. 11, Frank A. O'Connor
supplied by family

Fort Jackson

Paul Eanes, 1943 at Fort Jackson

(note on back) Nashville, Tennessee, 1/29/1944.  Pfc Paul M. Eanes and Pfc Johnny Norton

Paul Eanes and Gottis Westbrook

Paul Eanes with truck 590-F, SV-9

Paul Eanes

Mail Call

Paul Eanes on right



Cpl Paul Eanes leaning on an Indiana State Police car, age 20, 9/6/1945

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