Name Rank Service # Unit MIA WIA KIA CIB CMB POW Status Awards Notes Source
Hall, Willis Oscar     590   WIA in POW camp       POW   email from daughter, 8/2008:  Willis Oscar Hall of Antwerp and Clayton, NY.  His dob was 6/21/2003.  He was in the 590th FA BN.  His story is identical to many of the other POW stories I've read.  He was on the POW train that was strifed by the allies and the other story that is common is being called out of their barracks and being surrounded waiting for someone to admit attacking a guard or cook.  These are the two times he thought he wouldn't make it.  I was wounded in the lower leg in prison camp when the camp was strifed.  I've read some of the stories that lead me to believe which buildings he might have been in.  He lost consciousness when they were being deloused after the camp was liberated.  He came to on the Queen Mary.  He was hospitalized for a long time.  
Parey, Stephen     106th Medics           POW   OTHER 1, 
McLaughlin, Ralston T. Lt O-1042883 109 Div/C           POW   OTHER 1, 
Smith, Clifford V. Cpl 32864229 110th Inf/Hq           POW   OTHER 1, 
Watson, Henry K. Pvt 11092115 1st Div           POW   OTHER 1, 
Meller, William F. Pvt 13186597 28 Div MIA         POW   OTHER 1, 
Salvo, James TSgt   28th FA           POW   OTHER 1, 
Ikard, Frank N. Pvt   28th/110 MIA         D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944   OTHER 1, 
Binder, Clarence M. Cpl   331/Medic         CMB IV-B, VIII-A, II-B   Cub 1988-4-5-6-V44#3 says 590/HQ   
Mangold, William V. Pfc 33666715 331/Medic MIA       12/16/1944 POW     1, 33, 
Mayes, Ross H. Pvt 34724934 331/Medic         12/16/1944 POW     33, 
Raimundo, Manuel M. "Mel" Pfc 39412966 331/Medic         12/16/1944 IV-B, 12-16-1944. Liberated by Russians, 5-1-1945.     33, 
Robertson, George E. Pfc 33540640 331/Medic         CMB POW       
Thor, Lloyd M. S/Sgt 36251505 331/Medic         12/16/1944 POW along with A. B. Grigsby XII-A     33, 
Vincent, Merlin D. Cpl 33440165 331/Medic         12/16/1944 POW   Liberated prior to 4/10/1945 1, 33, 
Kimble, Robert D. T/5 32770639 331/Medic/A         12/16/1944 POW   German Field Hospital.  03-01-1945 he and 4 other PWs escaped and made contact with 11th Armored, on 03-09-1945 33, 
Cosgrove, Thomas Pfc 33667726 394th Inf           POW   OTHER 1, 
Brower, Charles H. Cpl 37511924 422/1st MIA         POW   mail clerk 1, 32, 
McKee, Richard Sgt 15354875 422/1st           IV-B   POW # 325859  
Moon, William H. (P.?), Jr. Major O-371434 422/1st           Oflag 64 Poland   Commander of the 1st battalion, 422nd Infantry 1, 
Thome, Michael N. 1st Lt O-1314726 422/1st       CIB   IV-B, VI-A   S-2 27, 
Chitwood, Julius R. (Jack) Major O 422/2nd MIA         IV-B   Obit 2008-04-24: Julius R. Chitwood Columbus. Julius Richard (better known as Jack) Chitwood, 86, died at 7:39 a.m. Monday, April 21, 2008, at Columbus Regional Hospital. He was born June 1, 1921, the son of Hoyt Mozart and Florence Umfrid Chitwood, at the family home in Magazine, Logan County, Arkansas. He graduated as valedictorian of the 1938 class of the local high school and in 1942 was a cum laude graduate of Ouachita Baptist College. From 1942 to 1946, he served in the infantry in the Army of the United States, rising to the rank of major, and was captured in the Battle of the Bulge while serving on the staff of the 2nd Battalion, 422nd Infantry, 106th Division (The Golden Lion Division). While the division was stationed at Camp Atterbury, Ind., he married, on Aug. 6, 1944, Aileen Newsom, the daughter of a pioneer Bartholomew County, Ind., family. Their marriage of 63 years is terminated by his death.    Subsequent to his Army service, he taught music for the Edinburgh, Ind., schools, received a master of music degree from Indiana University in 1948, and served as music librarian for Roosevelt College in Chicago while pursuing a master of arts degree at University of Chicago, which he received in 1954.    From 1951 to 1953 he was humanities librarian at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. In 1954 he joined the staff at Indianapolis Public Library until 1961, when he became executive director of the public library in Rockford, Ill. During the period he was there he was active in the community and in Illinois Library Association, serving on committees and the executive board, including as president, the state library’s advisory committee, the University of Illinois School of Library Science advisory committee and as chairman of National Library Week in Illinois. He was one of the leaders in the development and organization of the System Libraries in Illinois designed to provide better service to all the state’s citizens. Concurrent with his Rockford position, he led the organization and development of Northern Illinois Library System and served as its director from 1964 to 1975. He was selected as Illinois Librarian of the Year in 1974. In Rockford, he was very active in Unitarian-Universalist Congregation, serving two terms as president during the period of construction of the Belluschi-designed building in the mid-’60s. He also represented the congregation on the association’s district board for one term. His other community activities included Rotary and University Club membership, service on the symphony board and United Fund leadership positions. A life member of American Library Association, he had served as president of the Administration Division, on the board of Adult Services Division, and was chairman of Public Library Services Division which revised public library standards. Following his retirement in 1981, he and his wife continued their world travel hobby, which eventually resulted in visits to 41 foreign countries as well as 47 of the United States.  He and his wife lived in Bloomington, Ind., for six years, from 2001 until moving to Columbus, Ind., in October 2007. Surviving are his beloved wife of 63 years; sisters, Emma Kate (the late Oatman L.) Rogers of Magazine, Ark., and Jeanette (William E.) Riddle of Sun City West, Ariz., and their families. In keeping with Jack’s wishes, there will be no calling or funeral service. Cremation is planned. In lieu of fl owers, memorial contributions may be made to Jacobs School of Music, in care of Indiana University, The Music Building, 1201 E. Third St., Bloomington, IN 47405; or to Hospice of South Central Indiana.     Arrangements were made by Hathaway-Myers Chapel on Pearl Street.  1, Obit 2008-04-24, 
Setter, Leon J.     422/2nd           12-19-1944. Schoberg, Prum, Gerolstein, Mayen, Koblenz, Bad Ems, IV-B       
Abernathy, George F. Sgt 34895865 422/3rd       CIB   POW     27, 
Burnes, Robert TSgt 12214778 422/3rd     KIA     POW     1, 
Dickerson, James Jackson TSgt 34012038 422/3rd       CIB   IX-B   Cub 1988-7-8-9-V44#4 says middle initial "D". 27, 
Ernst, Clair R. Capt O 422/3rd MIA         IX-B, XIII-C, XIII-D.  Liberated at Stalag VII-A     1, 
Farrell, Neil K.     422/3rd           12-19-1944 near Schumberg.  XII, IV-B, III-B, III-A   CUB 1961-06-07-V17#5 says 422/3rd.  Cub 1981-9-10-11-12-V38#1  says 422/3rd   
Garnhart, Delmar Paul Cpl 36740619 422/3rd       CIB   IV-B PH   27, 
Grant, Kenneth H. SSgt   422/3rd   44-12-11,44-12-19       1944-12-19.  Liberated 1945-05-04.  IV-B PH WIA 1944-12-11 and 1944-12-19.  All info from son in email 2007-07-27.  
Jorgensen, Tilton R. "Slim"     422/3rd           IX-B      
Leisse, Leo R. Sgt 37605659 422/3rd       CIB   Limburg - VIII-A - Brauschweig - escaped     27, 
McKinley, Harry C., Jr.     422/3rd           Captured 12/19/1944.  German hospital until liberated by American forces.       
Weaver, George T. Pvt 33085860 422/3rd           POW     1, 
Beal, John D. T/5   422/A           IV-B, XII-A, VIII-A, XI-B      
Beals, John D. Sgt   422/A           12-19-1944. Liberated by British 04-16-1945.      
Bianca, John J. Sgt   422/A           IV-B       
Bied, Andy Dan Cpl   422/A   WIA       XII-A, IV-B PH     
Black, Ewell C., Jr.     422/A           XII-A   XII-A   
Bonneman, Robert Pfc   422/A           POW     1, 
Brocki, Paul P.     422/A 45-03-19   3/19/1945     Died as POW PH WIA-KIA 03/19/1945   
Brown, Curtis P. Lt O-1320380 422/A           POW     1, 
Davis, Clyde W.     422/A           IV-B, IV-AA       
Finch, Bertram C. Capt O 422/A           POW     1, 
Fournier, Roger C.     422/A           IV-B       
Gordon, Abraham Pfc   422/A           IV-B       
Griswold, Stanton E. Cpl   422/A           XII-A, IX-B, Wurzen       
Holbrook, Robert R., Jr.     422/A           Schona, Germany, III-A, III-B, IV-D       
Horn, Sherwood J. Sgt 33488217 422/A   WIA 45-03-09     Died as POW 03/09/1945 PH KIA - Died as POW 03-09-1945  Purple Heart   
Lamar, Thomas M. Sgt 37512475 422/A       CIB   POW     27, 
Latournes, Robert Pfc   422/A           IV-B, KDO Bitterfeld       
Lindsay, Robert Sgt 33440056 422/A MIA         POW     1, 
Lindsay, Robert F. S/Sgt   422/A   WIA       IV-B, IV-F.  Liberated 04-14-1945 while in a German Hospital. PH    
Lucero, Isaac A.     422/A           IV-B      
Newman, Emanuel Cpl   422/A           IV-B       
Powell, Eugene M.     422/A           POW   See Diary - POW section   
Prim, Archie C.     422/A           12-19-1944. German Field Hospital, Schonberg. Frankfurt am Main, IX-B. Liberated by 45th Div       
Ryan, Donald     422/A     KIA     POW PH KIA while POW.  Ammo Carrier.  2007-7-23 email from Chint Hohnstein.  He is interned in the   
Scheffel, Robert W.     422/A           Bad Schandu, Escaped in a bombing raid.       
Shows, Clifford M.     422/A           Captured 12/19/1944. IV-B, KDO Leipzig.       
Slayton, David B. Cpl   422/A           IV-B, IV-F       
Weber, Carlos D. SSgt   422/A           12/18/1944.  IV-B Liberated 04/28/1945 SS 05/05/1944 at Camp Atterbury Silver Star for bold utilization of rifle grenades to destroy a number of enemy vehicles and compelling others to surrender.  Presented by C. C. Cavender. Met old friend, former Company Commander in Aftica, Maj Froncillo, Aide to Under Sect of War, 6/15/1944 at Atterbury 5/5/44, 
Williamson, McAdoo     422/A           IV-B, VII-A       
Brackenridge, Edward K., Jr. SSgt 33431793 422/A, 422/2nd       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Barbeau, John W.     422/AT           Captured 12/19/1944      
Farrell, William D. Cpl 33439824 422/AT MIA         IV-B, IV-D     1, 
Parker, Richard B. 1st Lt. O 422/AT MIA         Oflag 64   1st Platton Leader 1, 
Perry, John J.     422/AT           Zeitz       
Prell, Donald B. Lt. O-551911 422/AT           Oflag IX-B. Escaped with 4 officers, but re-captured a week later. POW camp near Nurenburg. Escaped with Australian POW, reached Allied lines 3 weeks before VE Day.    2nd Plt.   
Telfer, Richard C. Pfc 36584327 422/AT           POW captured 12/19/1944     27, 
McMullen, Charles Dorsey "Mac" Pfc 33401923 422/AT I & R MIA     CIB   44-12-19 to 45-5-4, V-B,VII-A,IV-B,III-B,III-A BS,POW,GC, Truck driver. POW # 36031  1, web site 
Kastenbaum, Leon 1st Lt O-1314146 422/AT, 422/CN     45-04-05     Died as POW during American air raid, Nurenburg, Germany 04/05/1945 PH KIA  CUB 1946-09 says 422/AT, CUB 1948-12/1949-01-V5#3 says 422/CN 1, 13, 
Austin, Frank Lt O 422/B           POW     1, 
Bleecker, Harry J., Jr. Pfc 33680324 422/B           POW     1, 
Bridges, Bud     422/B           IV-B      
Cannon, William J. Pfc   422/B     45-05-08     Died of starvation in IV-B PH Grave adopted by J. DeWilde.  Buried American Cemetery, Nargraten, Netherlands.  07-20-2007 - Some years ago I did adopted the grave from PFC Cannon,William J,buried at Margraten Cemetery (Netherlands). PFC Cannon,was a member of B Company,422nd Infantry Regiment (106th Infantry Division). PFC Cannon,died of starvation in a POW Camp Stalag IV-b in Germany.  13, 
Colbert, Hugh L. Cpl   422/B       CIB   Koblenz, IV-B, IV-F       
Evans, Darrel A. T/5 33464939 422/B MIA     CIB   IV-B     1, 
Hizer, George F     422/B           POW       
Hruby, Charles J., Jr.     422/B           IV-B. VIII-A   Communications Sgt  
Koenig, Fred, Jr. 2nd Lt O-549293 422/B MIA         POW     1, 
Lee, Robert O.     422/B           Liberated from German hospital at Leipziz       
McFarland, Robert E.     422/B           IX-B   Totally disabled   
Moore, George L. Sgt 31260980 422/B       CIB   POW     27, 
Nelson, L. Willard Sgt 21723447 422/B           12/19/1944 with Motor Pool.  Supply Sgt.       
Pink, John O.     422/B           IV-B, Hospital in Leipzig       
Sandahl, Dean E.     422/B           IX-B. Liberated 04/02/1945 by 44th Div       
Sharitz, Thorold J. B. 1st Lt O-299691 422/B     45-04-05     Dies as POW 04/05/1945 Nurenburg, Germany by American air raid PH   13, 
Siebold, Charles P.     422/B           1944-12-19.  work camp near Bohrigen and Doblin, Germany.       
Madison, Harry L. Pfc   422/B, 422/1st           12-19-1944. IV-B, Gleina. Liberated 04-14-1945.     1, 
Pierce, Waldo B.     422/B, 422/F, 422/K           POW BS     
Berninghaus, Delbert W.     422/C           Escaped. Went thru the boxcar window and unlocked doors so men could form POW in snow for planes       
Borders, William C., Jr. Pfc   422/C   WIA       IV-B, IV-A PH     
Burnett, James Leroy Cpl   422/C       CIB   12-19-1944. POW.  Company Clerk.  IX-B. Liberated 5-12-1945   Email from his wife, 2007-07-29.  From "Pro Deo Et Patria" by Robert Skopek (2004).  Cpl James Leroy Burnett, 422/C served as company clerk.  During the German advance, the enemy overran his unit, and he was captured on December 19, 1944.  He was transported by rail to IX-B, Bad Orb, Germany.  For 5 days he was packed into a boxcar woth other POWs.  The Christmas meal was a piece of bread with cabbage soup.  When he developed pneumonia, he received the special care of Father Cavanaugh, who helped ensure his survival.  On May 12, 1945, Burnett recevied his liberation.  He earned the Combat Infantryman's Badge, American Theater Medal, EAMW Campaign Medal with two Bronze Service Stars, WW2 Victory Medal and Good Conduct Medal. (Courtesy of Mrs. James L. Burnett).  See Diaries at 27, 
Cole, Tracey Pfc   422/C           XIII-A, IV-B       
Darnell, Robert Cpl 39709828 422/C MIA         POW     1, 
Dresen, David T. SSgt 16050940 422/C       CIB   POW     27, 
Filkins, Clyde L. Cpl   422/C           POW       
George, Aharry C. Pfc 33850207 422/C           POW     1, 
Grady, James R.   6297725 422/C     45-03-03     Died as POW bronchial pneumonia, 03-03-1945. PH KIA died in PW camp.  Mess Sgt.   
Hillard, Marion E.     422/C           Captured 12/19/1944. Gerolstein, Shouse-5, Liberated by Russians, near Czechoslovakia       
Kapsalis, Thomas H.     422/C           POW      
Kulzer, Ralph P. Capt O-1283273 422/C           POW   Email from William Dohoney, 10/2007 1, 
Larrusso, (unknown) Sgt   422/C           POW     1, 
Lee, Futrell H. "Shine"     422/C           captured near Belgium bulge.  IV-F near Hartmannsdorf.       
MacElwee, Paul T.     422/C           Captured 12/21/1944. IV-b, KDO Middledeutsch Steel plant       
Molinari, Frank C. "Moe"   31459071 422/C           1944-12-20,IV-B, KDO Chemitz. POW #317268   See Diary in German POW section  
Morse, John W. SSgt 34546812 422/C       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. IX-B, IX-A   email 4-28-08: Jim, I am William Dohoney, once the Weapons Platoon Leader of C Co, 422nd.  I believe that Sutton's reference was to John MORSE, not John Moore. Morse was a good friend of mine, who died just last Christmas day, of prostate cancer, after a lot of suffering.  I was in regular contact with him, right up until the last.  Also, I believe that Jim Sutton was in C Co 422nd, not in 422/G, as you had reported. I'd like to hear from Sutton and would appreciate it if you would give him my email address.  I am the last officer left from C Co, 422. Thank you.  William Dohoney 27, email 4-28-08 William Dohoney
Naiman, Joseph     422/C           IV-B       
Rodriquez, Juan G. Sgt 38440012 422/C MIA     CIB   POW 12-1944   Herald-Leader, KY Newspaper article - 11-24-2007: Rodriguez, 85, was captured by German troops in December 1944 while serving with the Army's 106th Division in the Battle of the Bulge. He and other POWs were forced to march southward, weakened by wounds, illness and hunger.   
Schulz, Merlin W.     422/C           Captured 12/23/1944, liberated 04/18/1945       
Siegrist, Howard B. S/Sgt   422/C   WIA       IV-B, VIII-A, VIII-B PH     
Taylor, J. W.     422/C           12/19/1944       
Tester, Wilbur J.     422/C           German Hospital near Stuttgart, IV-D, XI-B       
Power, Harold "Hal"     422/C  12/15/1944   WIA       Captured at Schonberg, hospital at Gerolstein, fell 4 floors when bombed. XII-A. Escaped with 5 others. PH     
Salemink, Richard J. T/4 37679704 422/C, 424/G   WIA       Caotured 12/19/1944. VI-G.  Several marches. Liberated at Moosburg PH PH, Served in Korea Internet, 23, 
Agapetus, Emanuel     422/CN           POW     1, 
Bowles, Ralph K. Cpl   422/CN           IX-B   Recognition by City of Roanoke, VA.  See Stalag IX-B following his death, 01-04-2007.   
Broyhill, Joel T. Capt O-1292650 422/CN           POW     1, 
Catherman, Guy W., Jr. Pvt 33548123 422/CN       CIB   POW captured 12/16/1945, liberated 05/08/1945 by Russians     27, 
Frampton, Durward Belmont, Jr. (Pete) Cpl 15325018 422/CN   WIA   CIB   IX-B, IX-A PH Liberated prior to 4/10/1945.  His wife was the composer of Reference #1, 35 pages of missing men after Battle of Bulge. 1, 27, 
Hibbard, George E. Sgt   422/CN           IX-B, IX- A.  Captured near Auw.       
Hunter, Charles F.     422/CN           12/19/1944. IX-B, IX-A   Mess Sgt   
Kimmel, Troy H. Cpl 35605969 422/CN           IX-B   PW story in CUB 1981-4-5-6-V37#3, page 10.  Bronze Star GO#53, WD 1946  
Peters, Emanuel     422/CN           IX-B       
Pietrefesa, (unknown)     422/CN           POW     1, 
Slotkin, Edward Pfc   422/CN           POW     1, 
Starrett, George C. Pfc 32960970 422/CN           POW     1, 
Sterling, David Lt O 422/CN           POW     1, 
Wilson, Albert H.     422/CN           IV-B       
Wilson, Earl T. Pfc 17134045 422/CN MIA     CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Adams, John, Jr. S/Sgt 35749227 422/D       CIB   12-22-1944. IV-B, VIII-A, IX-C Brunswick     27, 
Barnes, Glen E. (C.?) Cpl 38399123 422/D           POW 12/16/1944, Died 03/22/1945 Zeitz, Germany. Sgt West brought personal effects to family     1, 
Brankin, William     422/D           IX-B       
Charron, Nelson J.     422/D           POW       
Chase, Fredrick B. Cpl   422/D           IV-B, IV-D.  POW # 313919   squad driver for MG platoon   
Darby, William A. Cpl 33268884 422/D           POW     1, 
Dickerson, Myrton B.     422/D           Captured 12/19/1944. XII-A. KDO sawmill, II-A       
Dorminy, Martin E.     422/D   WIA       12-19-1944. IV-B. Contracted tuberculosis. PH Medic.  WIA 12-16-1944.   
Dunn, Walter     422/D           IX-B       
Durbin, John A. Pfc 33850205 422/D           POW     1, 
Eckblad, Wesley W. Pfc   422/D           IV-F   Cub 1988-4-5-6-V44#3 says 422/D   
Everett, Thomas J. Pvt 33850206 422/D           POW     1, 
Fischer, Bruce M. 1st Lt O 422/D           Hammelberg BS     
Hardy, Charles C. Cpl   422/D           IV-B       
Hillard, Roy Milton SSgt   422/D           IX-A & IX-B       
Jambo, John J.     422/D           Captured 01/08/1945 a Bonnera, Belgium. Liberated 05/1945       
Kontos, Athan G. Pvt 32612111 422/D       CIB   POW   email from daughter 2/2008   
Martin, Donald H SSgt 32887016 422/D       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Mason, John L. 1st Lt O 422/D           POW     1, 
Pitts, Thomas W. Sgt   422/D           IV-B, VIII-A       
Powel, William T. Pfc   422/D       CIB   IX-B, IX-C   spelling is correct.   
Robb, John C. Pfc 33703802 422/D       CIB   IX-B     27, 
Roberts, Edmund C., Jr. Capt O 422/D     1951-01 Korea     12-19-1944.  1st American officer to reach Allied lines after break-out from Hammelburg Prison Camp.  Described in Saturday Evening Post, 05-01-1948.  (couldn't find it, JDW) PH Exec. Officer and CO.  KIA in Korean War, 01-1951.  1st American officer to reach the Yalu River.   
Rosenberg, Winfield "Nick" Pfc   422/D           IX-B, IX-G, Berga       
Russell, Carlton D. Cpl   422/D           IX-B       
Smith, Charles L.     422/D           POW       
Temple, Will S., Jr. Sgt 14161980 422/D       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Tracy, Stanley L. Cpl   422/D           IX-B       
Truxell, Melvin C SSgt 33667039 422/D       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Vogel, Simon Pfc   422/D           POW     1, 
Walker, Robert F.     422/D           IV-B & IV-F       
Williams, Lawrence R. Pfc 34883732 422/D       CIB   IV-B. Captured 12/19/1944     27, 
Wyman, David S. Cpl   422/D           IX-B       
Dohoney, William P. 1st Lt O-1325694 422/D, 422/G, 422/C   WIA   CIB   IX-B, Hammelburg and Moosburg PH Weapons Paltton Leader.  WIA Purple Heart. email 4-28-2008: Jim, I am William Dohoney, once the Weapons Platoon Leader of C Co, 422nd.  I believe that Sutton's reference was to John MORSE, not John Moore. Morse was a good friend of mine, who died just last Christmas day, of prostate cancer, after a lot of suffering.  I was in regular contact with him, right up until the last.  Also, I believe that Jim Sutton was in C Co 422nd, not in 422/G, as you had reported. I'd like to hear from Sutton and would appreciate it if you would give him my email address.   I am the last officer left from C Co, 422. Thank you.  William Dohoney 6, email 4-27-2008, 
Lange, Elmer F. 1st Lt O 422/D, 422/H   WIA       IX-B, Hammelburg PH,BS Bronze Star, Purple Heart.  CUB 1968-03-04-05-06-V24#3 says 422/H  
Wilson, John D.     422/D, 422/H           12-21-1944.  IV-B, IV-A.  Liberated by Russians 05-09-1945   Motor Pool   
Shoemaker, Edgar H. Pfc   422/D, 422/M       CIB   IX-B SM Soldier's Medal   
Whitford, Gordon G. T/4   422/D, 424/F   WIA       IX-B PH/OLC     
Brady, Eugene F. Cpl 33775279 422/E           IV-B     1, 
Britt, Donald R. SSgt 34545411 422/E       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944/ IX-B, IX-A     27, 
Carpenter, Robert R.     422/E   WIA     CMB IV-B PH     
Castillo, Fred A. Pvt 39577894 422/E MIA         POW     1, 
Cram, James V. SSgt 36810280 422/E   WIA   CIB   XII-A. Captured 12/19/1944 PH   27, 
Gardiner, William C. Capt O-516366 422/E           POW     1, 
Gunter, Sidney L., Jr. "Hardtack" Sgt 14190639 422/E       CIB   IX-A.  Entertained fellow PWs with a 4-string guitar.  Several times he fainted from hunger in the middle of a performance.   Korean War with 31st Div 27, 
Hokrein, Amos J. Pfc 33844220 422/E       CIB   IV-B, KDP Amensdorf paper factory.  Liberated 04/19/1945     27, 
Markus, George Pfc   422/E MIA         POW     1, 
Miller, Harold D. T/Sgt   422/E   WIA       IV-B, III-B, III-A PH     
Mullican, Joseph R.     422/E           IV-B       
Sampson, George C. Pfc 31459853 422/E MIA         IV-B, KDO Lobau, IV-A     1, 
Sincoff, S. L.     422/E           12-21-1944.  IV-B. Liberated by Russians 04-23-1945       
Vermont, Ernest B.   33563079 422/E           IX-B       
Warner, Chapin F.     422/E           POW       
Wentzel, Roy L. Cpl   422/E   WIA KIA     IV-B PH CUB 1947-01-02 says KIA.  CUB 1947-03 says 422/E.  Purple Heart   
Whitlow, Calvin Pvt 38662321 422/E           POW Tuberculosis.  IV-B   Patient at O'Reilly Gen Hospital suffering from tuberculosis as result of POW.   
Young, Walter Scott, Jr.   12171418 422/E           IV-B     1, 
Kelso, Murrel E.     422/E   WIA   WIA       POW PH     
Gamble, Clifford L.     422/E, 422/C           VIII-A   Cub 1987-11-12-1988-01-V44#1 says 422/C   
Stolon, Milton Pvt 42051890 422/E, 424/G   WIA   CIB   Koblentz PH CIB says 423/HQ 27, 
Armold, Roy A. Pvt 33497197 422/F MIA         IV-B     1, 
Bell, Harry H., Jr. Pfc 34871437 422/F       CIB   IX-B     1, 27, 
Blackburn, Marion     422/F           POW       
Brock, Lewis P.     422/F           IX-B       
Campbell, Richard B.     422/F           IX-B       
Carico, John M. T/Sgt   422/F   WIA       IV-B, VIII-A, XI-B PH     
Checca, Mario     422/F           IX-B      
Crook, Herbert D.     422/F           IX-B       
Gray, Elmer J. S/Sgt   422/F       CIB   IX-A, IX-B     1, 
Grimes, Charles H.     422/F           In 3 POW camps       
Hanke, R. E.     422/F           POW       
Hawkins, Marlin H. 1st Sgt   422/F       CIB   IV-B, VIII-A       
Hayes, John P. "Pat" Pfc   422/F       CIB   12-19-1944. IX-B   60mm Mortars   
Humphrey, Richard J.     422/F     KIA     Died as POW PH    
Jebens, Arthur B. T/5   422/F           IV-B, Halle Isaale, Belgern      
Kipnis, Mervyn, B., D.D.S.     422/F           IX-B Became camp leader at IX-B responsible for 450 men       
Mann, Theodore C. Pfc 33783418 422/F     KIA     POW PH   1, 
Mays, Joseph A.     422/F           IX-B       
Stewart, Neil P. Capt O-316106 422/F MIA         Oflag 64   See Article, CO 422/F 1, 
Uhl, Winston     422/F           POW     1, 
Voglesong, Donald L.   35706927 422/F       CIB   IV-B   See diary Stalag IV-B  email from son,  12/2008
Walsh, Thomas E.     422/F           IX-B       
Arnold, Roy A. T/5   422/F, 422/L           IV-B, Leipiz, Halle Liberated 04/15/1945      
Amanna, Vincent J. Cpl   422/G   WIA   CIB   IV-B, IV-D PH   27, 
Caldwell, Luther B., Jr. Pfc 12221239 422/G MIA         POW     1, 
Chesney, Lonas L.     422/G           IV-B       
Eldridge, Robert D. Cpl   422/G MIA         VI-G, XII-A, captured 12/21/1944 Schoenberg     1, 
Ferris, Irwin Pvt   422/G           IV-B       
Grisso, Paul B., Jr. Pvt   422/G           IV-B, German hospital in Bad Lausig.  Liberated there.     1, 
Hagelip, Hubert, Jr. Pfc   422/G           POW     1, 
Hartledge, Louis Pfc   422/G MIA         POW     1, 
Hazelip, Hubert Pfc   422/G MIA         POW     1, 
Hopell, John E. Sgt 33431210 422/G           POW     1, 
Howell, Hauer E. Cpl   422/G   WIA       VI-G PH    
Lyon, Jobe E. Pfc   422/G     KIA     Died IV-B PH Died in PW camp IV-B  
Matthews, William Franklin Pfc 33846052 422/G MIA         POW     1, 
Morrow, Grover F. Pvt   422/G MIA         Captured 12/19/1944, IV-A, Liberated 05/07/1945     1, 
Mura, Alvino Pfc 33715522 422/G MIA         POW     1, 
Newman, Saul A. S/Sgt 12220147 422/G   WIA   CIB   IV-B, VIII-A, XI-B PH   27, 
O'Neill, Robert M. Lt O 422/G           Arrived at Oflag 64, Poland, 01/12/1945.  Escaped during march to Germany.       
Pellish, John E. S/Sgt 33431352 422/G       CIB   IV-B, VIII-A     1, 27, 
Rimer, Arnold H. Pfc   422/G   WIA       IV-B, IV-F PH     
Schulte, Raymond J. Pvt 37377422 422/G     2/4/1945     Died POW 02/04/1945, hospital Hoffnungsthal, Germany PH     
Sheaner, Herbert Michael, Jr.     422/G           Captured 12/21/1944. IV-B. Escaped 04/25/1945   sniper, scout, runner.   
Stewart, Robert R/ S/Sgt   422/G           III-C   left 106th 06-1944   
Thompson, Richard C. T/Sgt 37330177 422/G       CIB   POW   Plt Sgt 27, 
Wojtusik, Stan     422/G           IV-B       
Jenkins, Hayward L.     422/G Driver for CO           Captured 12/18/1944. Had Company records when captured.       
Auld, Benjamin F., Jr. Pfc 12205914 422/G, 423/G       CIB   POW   CIB says 423/G 1, 
Albertson, Harry E.     422/H           IX-B, Oflag VIII-C, Luft 3, VII-A      
Brown, Kenneth H.     422/H           IX-B, IX-A       
Cochran, Collin L.     422/H           XI-B, XII-A       
Cook, Francis J. SSgt 33589779 422/H       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Davis, James W., Jr. Pfc   422/H           POW     1, 
Eve, Philip H., Jr. SSGt   422/H           IV-B   See Diary on German POW section.  Bronze Star. Heavy machine gun squad ldr.  Bronze Star GO#51, WD 1947.   
Fox, Robert J.     422/H           IX-B       
Graham, Paul H.     422/H           Captured 12/19/1944/ IV-B       
Hampton, Benie C.     422/H           POW       
Jacobs, Montague H. Capt O-1283265 422/H   WIA   CIB   IX-B, XIII-B PH   1, 
Jenkins, William D. T/Sgt   422/H           IX-A, IX-B PH    
Jones, William B.     422/H           Captured 12/19/1944 near Schonberg, Germany. IX-B, IX-A. Liberated in 04/1945       
Meadows, Gerald D. SSgt 36584352 422/H       CIB   Koblenz BS Bronze Star GO#51, WD 1947 27, 
Miller, Glen C.     422/H           Captured with Motor Pool group 12/21/1944. KDO Zietz. Escaped 04/13/1945       
Phelan, William R.     422/H           Captured at Mortain as 30th Div. VII-A. KDO sorting German Mail       
Podlaski, Edmund P. Pfc 16157349 422/H       CIB   Captured 12/21/1944. IV-B, Zietz Coal mines.     27, 
Post, Lawrence W. Pfc   422/H   WIA       12/16/1944. Captured, marched thru city of Koblenz. Halle, Germany PH,SS Silver Star GO#42, WD 1947   
Racster, John R.     422/H           POW       
Ropers, Edward J.     422/H           12/19/1944. IX-B, Berga       
Rossin, Leo Pfc   422/H           12/19/1944. IV-B BS Bronze Star GO#51, WD 1947   
Rubnitz, Douglas D. Pfc 16189021 422/H           IV-B BS Bronze Star GO#51, WD 1947  
Weigel, Lavene J., Col O 422/H           POW   Platoon Leader   
Woerner, Anthony F. Pfc   422/H           IV-B, IV-A       
Armgard, Clifford D.     422/Hq           12/19/1944.      
Black, Thomas Wayne (Blackie) T/Sgt   422/Hq   WIA   CIB   IX-B, IX-A contracted TB PH I&R.   
Brassius, Warren Lt O 422/Hq           POW     1, 
Cavanaugh, Paul W., Fr. Chaplain-Capt O 422/Hq MIA         Captured at Schonberg. Liberated 04/1945 Oflag XIII-B   See Publications - Pro Deo et Patria 1, 
Chester, Morris G. TSgt 33899535 422/Hq           POW   Liberated prior to 4/10/1945 1, 
Clift, William E. Sgt   422/Hq       CIB   IX-A, IX-B       
De Marzo, Joseph Pfc   422/Hq           XII-A, IV-B, IV-F       
Dennis, David W. Pfc 33410087 422/Hq       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Dunbar, Alan J.     422/Hq           Oflag 64       
Edwards, David Henry     422/Hq           IX-B       
Foster, Edward Bruce Capt O 422/Hq MIA         POW   CO 422 HQ. 1, 
Gardner, James W. T/4 34172366 422/Hq           II-A   Photo on entering Stalag II-A, January 1945.  A&R plt.  Pioneer Platoon, HQ Co., 2nd BN.    
Gasses, Joseph J. Cpl   422/Hq           XII-A       
Herring, George W. Pfc 34871679 422/Hq       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Hoffman, Harold Pfc 33850208 422/Hq           POW     1, 
Hollinger, John C. Capt O 422/Hq MIA         POW     1, 
Hungerford, John J. Pvt 39709997 422/Hq           POW     1, 
Knuth, Earl F.     422/Hq           IX-B, Hammelburg, captured 12/19/1944 near St. Vith. Liberated 04/29/1945   Assigned to 106th at Ft. Jackson as original cadre. Baseball team at Atterbury, special services officer.  
La Pato, Frank T/5   422/Hq           IX-A, IX-B      
Lapato, Frank SSgt 33921341 422/Hq           POW     1, 
Loveless, John T., Jr Cpl   422/Hq           IX-B      
Matthews, William, Sr.     422/Hq           VIII-A       
Meeleus, Harry Capt O 422/Hq MIA         Gerolstein, Oflag 64, Gars on the Inn River. Liberated 05/03/1945     1, 
Mulvey, John     422/Hq           IX-B. Liberated 04/02/1945       
Pilkington, Fredrick A. T/Sgt 12128778 422/Hq       CIB   Captured near AUW, Germany. Operated on by German Doctors outside VI-G near Hopenstahl.  XII-B. Liberated 04/16/1945 by British. BS Bronze Star GO#128, WD 1946 27, 
Redmond, Dean T.     422/Hq           IV-B, KDO Rabenau   Wire Jeep Driver.  Cub 1981-4-5-6-V37#3 says 422/HQ   
Rees, Angus McD. Pct   422/Hq           POW     1, 
Reynolds, Alfred C.     422/Hq           IX-B       
Rutt, Robert E. Lt O 422/Hq           POW captured 12/26/1944 with payroll of $14,936.04. Story CUB 42-01-1985   Captured with $14,936.04 of payroll 12-26-1944.  See full story in CUB 42-01-1985. 1, 
Saylor, Richard E. Pfc 35173732 422/Hq           POW     1, 
Sherman, Jack     422/Hq           IV-B       
Shidemantle, John D.     422/Hq           Captured 12/21/1944. IV-B, Oflag 64Z. Liberated by Russians       
Sipson, Dean A. Sgt 12131731 422/Hq       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Swetye, Joseph     422/Hq           VIII-A, to Kassel, and Braunschweig       
Tate, Edmund (Edmond ?)M. T/5 33432036 422/Hq           POW     1, 
Thomas, Patrick V. Sgt   422/Hq     KIA     Died during march from VIII-A west. PH   1, 13, 
Wallace, John T., Jr. Cpl 34871584 422/Hq           POW     1, 
Williams, Lewis B.     422/Hq           IX-B, IX-A       
Wood, (unknown) T/2   422/Hq           POW     1, 
Zeigler, John W.     422/Hq           IX-B       
McKee, Henry H. Capt O 422/Hq  S-2           POW   S-2.   Joined 106th at end of hostilities. 1, 
Swick, Norman Lt. O 422/Hq  S-4 MIA     CIB   XIII-B and others.     1, 
Descheneaux, George L. Col O 422/Hq C.O.           XII-A   Assumes command of 422nd Regt.  Reported 07-27-1944.   
Elliot, Gilbert     422/Hq I&R           IX-B       
Hanna, Robert Roy, Jr. Cpl 35659562 422/Hq I&R       CIB   IX-B, IX-A GCM,BS Liberated prior to 4/10/1945 1, 27, 
Matthews, Joseph C., Jr. Lt Col O-255969 422/Hq X.O. MIA         POW 5 months   Regt Executive Officer 422.  Relieved of command of HQ Spc Trps and assumes BN CO 422. 1, 2/18/44
Balise, John Hart T/5 31286492 422/Hq, 422/3rd       CIB   12-16-1944. IX-B, Zeigavheim     27, 
Streat, Clifton E., Jr. Sgt 33562824 422/Hq, 422/3rd MIA WIA   CIB   IX-B PH CUB 1947-03 says 422/HQ.  CUB 10-11-12/2004 says 422/3rd.  Purple Heart 1, 
McKee, Richard A.     422/Hq, 422/A           Koblenz, IV-B, VIII-A, Braunschweig, Konigslutter, escaped 04/11/1945   1988-10-11-12-V45#1 days 422/A   
Juster, Irvin Capt O 422/Hq, 422/CN           IX-B, XIII-B, VII-A. Geroldstine, Luft III. PH,BS    
Blaher, William S. Cpl   422/I           IX-B       
Bosle, Robert H. Cpl 33440090 422/I           POW     1, 
Breite, Victor W. Cpl   422/I MIA WIA   CIB   IX-B PH     
Broth, Henry M. Pfc   422/I MIA WIA   CIB   IV-B PH     
Fisher (Poisson), Leo J.     422/I           POW   Changed last name to Fisher   
Ford, Benjamin I. Sgt 35572617 422/I       CIB   12/19/1944, 1 pm. Prum, IX-B, IX-A.     27, 
Gillikin, Ross E SSgt 36579716 422/I       CIB   1944-12-19.  IX-B. Liberated 1945-03-31     27, 
Grannis, Charles A. Cpl   422/I       CIB   IX-B       
Grossman, Irving Pfc   422/I           12/19/1944. XI-B       
Kessler, Irving M. Pfc   422/I     KIA     Died of malnutrition at IX-B PH KIA Died of malnutrition at IX-B  
Kessler, Robert E. Pfc 33835589 422/I     45-04-09     KIA - died as result of malnutrition 04-09-1945 at IX-B. 2 weeks prior to liberation he was sent to work in a German mine. PH KIA as POW 04-09-1945   
Lange, William     422/I           XI-B, KDO XI-B      
Lichtenfeld, Seymour     422/I           IV-B, XII-A, III-A, III-B   PW # 312330.  3rd Squad, 3td Platoon  
Littell, Joseph F. Pfc 31344064 422/I   WIA       Limburg, IV-B, Asst to Johaun Kasten, MOC, both to Berga 02/08/1945 for refusing to reveal Jews. Escaped - re-captured. IX-V Bad Sulza. Liberated 04/11/1945 PH Liberated prior to 4/10/1945 1, 
Malone, William E. T/Sgt 34711071 422/I   WIA   CIB   POW PH   27, 
Phelps, Hugh L.     422/I           Koblenz, Limberg, IV-B, KDP Prague. Captured near Schoenberg       
Rinne, Russell H. Cpl   422/I       CIB   IX-B       
Rossini, Nello     422/I           POW       
Weightman, Thomas A. T/Sgt   422/I       CIB   IX-B, IX-A     27, 
Young, Donald J. Sgt 12109170 422/I       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Manners, Joseph P.     422/I Radio Operator           IX-B       
Raskinis, Henry J.     422/I, 422/SVC           Captured 12/19/1944.       
Bard, James A Pfc 13184812 422/I, 423/I           12-1944. IV-B, IV-F   CUB 1946-08 says 422/I.  CUB 1948-10-11-V5#2 says 423/I.  CIB says 423/I 1, 
Baron, Robert F. Cpl   422/K   WIA       IV-B PH,French Legion of Honor 12/05/2008 Weapons Platoon  
Coe, Vincent Pfc 35533386 422/K           POW     1, 
Conners, Harvey E.     422/K           12/16/1944. IX-B       
Dailey, Hampton J.     422/K           XII-A, IV-B, IV-G       
DeVito, Armando     422/K           IV-B       
Gordon, Edmund F., Jr. Sgt 33584522 422/K       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Harmeling, Henry J., Jr. "Hank" Capt O 422/K           IX-B   Company Commander 422/K 1, 
Harnish, Alfred D. SSgt 36810556 422/K       CIB   XII-A, IV-B, III-B, III-A.  Captured 12/19/1944     27, 
Hillard, William W.     422/K           IX-B, IX-A       
LoCascio, George P. 1st Lt O 422/K   WIA   CIB   IX-B, Meiningen PH     
Malaniak, Harry W. Sgt 36579807 422/K       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. IV-B, III-B, III-A     27, 
Maxwekk, William Pfc   422/K           POW     1, 
Myers, Charles E. TSgt 15014317 422/K           POW     1, 
Peters, Robert H. Cpl 33434692 422/K           Captured 12/16/1944. IV-B   03/1943 - 09/1945.  Email 10-03-2007.   
Peterson, Kenneth S.   37552541 422/K     4/11/1945     Captured 12/16/1944 Died in POW camp PH     
Tallman, Raymond S TSgt 32038654 422/K       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Toy, Waid S. 1st Sgt 33111134 422/K       CIB   POW     27, 
Wright, Calvin E.     422/K           POW       
Giles, James Bascom, Jr.     422/K 3rd platoon leader   WIA       Captured 12/19/1944. PH   1, 
Mackay, Hector D. Pvt 31391204 422/K, 422/3rd     45-01-26     Dies as POW 01/26/1945 IV-B, pneumonia, malnutrition PH    
Mackay, John R. Cpl   422/K, 422/3rd           IX-B      
Whitner, Donald R. Pfc 33464929 422/K, 422/F MIA         1944-12.   CUB 1981-4-5-6-V37#3 says 422/F. Bronze Star.  WIA *4. 1, 
Brislin, Joseph P. Cpl   422/K, 424/K           IV-A, IV-B   CUB 1961-01-02-03-V17#3 says 424/K   
Adams, Marvin     422/L           Captured 12/22/1944, hospital Osanabauck, Germany, XI-B, liberated 04/16/1945      
Baca, Luis J.     422/L           Zittau work camp.  Liberated by Russians 05-1945,      
Bohde, Edward     422/L           VIII-A     1, 
Hjerpe, Edward B. M/Sgt   422/L     45-03-31     03/31/1945 Died in Air Raid at Halle POW hospital PH KIA 03-31-1945 in air raid on Halle POW Hospital.   
Howland, Everette W. Pvt 31427967 422/L MIA     CIB   IV-B, IV-A, Leipzig Hospital     1, 27, 
Karth, James F. Pfc   422/L MIA         IX-B     1, 
Koehler, Robert H. Cpl   422/L           IX-B      
Langham, Francis S.     422/L           IV-B      
Lawrence, Roy R. SSgt 34624479 422/L       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
McKay, Vincent W. Cpl 35074107 422/L       CIB   IV-B, IV-G     1, 
Mock, John H. Cpl   422/L   WIA       XII-A PH     
Osborn, Lawrence L. Pfc   422/L 44-12-16   1/7/1946     2/11/1945 PH     
Pringle, Edward G. Pfc   422/L     KIA     POW captured 12/16/1944 VI-G PH     
Rogers, Francis J.     422/L           IV-B, LAZ IV       
Sergi, Rocco J.     422/L           Captured 12/19/1944, Stalag IX-B. IX-B. Liberated 04/02/1945   email from niece 2/2009: My uncle, Rocco J Sergi, Pvt 422/L passed away on Jan 14, 2009 at 83. He was captured on Dec 16, 1944 and imprisoned at Stalag IX-B until liberated on April 4, 1945.  I'd like to share a beautiful article written about him in the Sarasota, FL newspaper shortly after his death. ‘Positive attitude’ helped former POW survive Rocco Sergi nearly died of starvation in a German prisoner of war camp during World War II.  The life-and-death conditions he endured as a young Army soldier would shape his life, but didn't fill him with despair or bitterness, even after his 145-pound frame shrank to 62 pounds after four months in captivity. The retired printer and postal worker and longtime Bradenton resident, who died of heart disease Jan. 14 at 83, "had an extremely positive attitude," said his daughter, Barbara Davis of Tampa. "He used to say, 'No matter how bad things get, you're still living and there are still many good things in life,'" she said. His optimism and religious faith helped him overcome hardships in life, she added. Born in 1925, Sergi grew up during the Great Depression as the middle of seven children to Italian immigrant parents who settled in Indianapolis before starting a family. Sergi's father, a shoemaker, was awarded a Purple Heart for combat wounds while serving in World War I. All of his brothers served their country in either WWII or the Korean War. One of Sergi's older brothers, Tony, was killed in World War II. Sergi enlisted in the Army at 18 in late 1943. A year later, his 106th Infantry Division was one of the hardest hit U.S. forces at the Battle of the Bulge. He was among more than 7,000 soldiers captured and jammed into crowded boxcars to be sent to various POW camps throughout Germany. Sergi and others were forced to walk 25 miles in frigid winter conditions to reach Stalag IX-B outside of Frankfurt. Many POWs died of malnutrition during their captivity, while others, primarily Jews and suspected Jews, were sent to death camps. "Fortunately, I survived; many did not," Sergi later wrote of his experience after Allied troops liberated their camp in April 1945. Sergi later helped establish a POW organization in the Sarasota-Bradenton area and served as its president, his family said.  
Shaver, Dorman Carl Sgt 33628356 422/L           POW     1, 
Sigel, Sydney M.     422/L           Captured 12/21/1944 near Auw.  IV-B from 01/07 to 04/23/1945       
Sites, John P. Cpl   422/L       CIB   IV-B, IV-F       
Suiter, Leo F.     422/L           POW       
Thorn, William T. Lt O 422/L           POW     1, 
Ward, Wendell L.   34870888 422/L MIA WIA       Captured 12/23/1944. IV-B, KDP Bad Scandau.  Liberated 04/23/1945 PH   1, 
Wencl, Ben   37300254 422/L 44-12-16   45-03-17     Died 03-17-1945 IV-B.  POW # 316874.  Malnutrition and heart failure. PH     
Wheatley, Austin     422/L   WIA       Captured at US aid station 12/18/1944, XI-B. Escaped during march near Celle, Germany PH     
Wigal, Lewis A. (Bert) Sgt 35407988 422/L       CIB   POW     27, 
Wohlen, Henry Pfc 31459854 422/L MIA         POW     1, 
Adolphson, Maynard R SSgt 36739056 422/M       CIB   IX-B     27, 
Anderson, John P. T/5   422/M           IV-B   Mortar crewman  
Boulden, George M. T/5   422/M   WIA   CIB   IV-B, IV-A PH   27, 
Cannon, Phillip L.     422/M           IX-B, XII-A       
Falkenheimer, William C.     422/M           Captured near Auw. IX-B, Hammelburg. Liberted by 4th Armored. Recaptured. Nuremburg, Moosburg. Liberated 05/1945       
Favorite, Roger E. Cpl   422/M           III-A       
Green, Edward L. Cpl   422/M   WIA       Tuberculosis, II-A, XI-B PH     
Larson, Gilbert Ragnar     422/M           POW       
Mascone, Attilio A.     422/M           1944-12-19.       
Miller, Franklin O.     422/M           Captured 12/21/1944.   KIA alongside Mueller, David S.   
Schiavo, Samuel J.     422/M           12/21/1944. IV-B       
Stoehr, Martin G.     422/M           POW   Section Sgt.   
Taylor, Howarth Lt O 422/M           OIW     1, 
Taylor, John H TSgt 33232526 422/M       CIB   POW     1, 27, 
Wilkerson, Fredrick L., Sr. T/5   422/M           IX-B, Limberg   foot trouble from march between Bad Orb and Limberg. 1, 
Zordell, Jack W.   16174677 422/M           IV-B       
Straub, Ted J.     422/M, 422/AV           POW       
Bagley, Raymond A.     422/M, 422/B           POW     1, 
Zak, George K. Cpl   422/M, 422/D           IV-B, IV-A POW # 312199. Wrote "Soldier Boy"       
Miller, Murray T/5 34543973 422/M, 423/Hq       CIB   Liberated 04/1945   CIB says 423/HQ   
Anderson, Richard K. Pfc 36649289 422/Medic           POW     1, 
Brasher, S. Walter     422/Medic           POW   had 2 heart attacks on ship returning home 05 - 06/1945   
DeSoto, Philip     422/Medic           IV-B       
Diamon, Richard C. 1st Lt O-440309 422/Medic     KIA     KIA as POW during Limburg bombing on 12-23-1944. PH Died as POW 13, 
Mathais, Clarence W. Pfc 33431215 422/Medic           POW     1, 
Mentier, Wayne J.     422/Medic           Captured outside of Auw, Germany. IV-B.  Liberated by Russians       
Scalzo, Salvatore A.     422/Medic           POW       
Mangiaracina, George P.     422/Medic, 331/B           IX-B, IX-A POW # 25568      
Olson, Firman G. T/3   422/Medic, 422/K           12-19-1944. IV-B Hospital at IV-B SS Silver Star GO#57, WD 1946   
Axon, Harold L Cpl 37511818 422/SVC       CIB   POW     27, 
Chesterman, Clarence R. T/5   422/SVC           IV-B, VIII-A. Liberated 04/12/1945       
Davis, Leslie (Lester) E. Sgt   422/SVC MIA         POW 12/18/1944 to 04/13/1945     1, 
Gerhardt, Ernest T/5 42055392 422/SVC MIA         IV-B, XXV-F liberated 04/18/1945     1, 
Morawski, Alexander     422/SVC           POW       
Moss, Chester R.     422/SVC           POW       
Shirk, Lewis A.     422/SVC           POW       
Thomas, Loren L. Pvt 33618470 422/SVC           POW     1, 
Robbins, William Dudley Capt O-462347 422/SVC, 422/Hq MIA         POW   CIB says 422/SV 1, 27, 
Gibson, Charles R. Capt O 422/SVC, 424/SVC   WIA   CIB   Oflag 64 PH CUB 1976-1-2-3-V32#2 says 424/SV 1, 
High, Benjamin A. Pfc 13117922 422/Unk           POW Liberated 45-04-23     25, 
Klekamp, Frank B, Pvt 36690466 422/Unk           POW Liberated 45-5-8     25, 
Muro, Albino S. Pvt 33715522 422/Unk           POW Liberated 45-04-24     25, 
Penman, Gordon W. Sgt 20657117 422/Unk           POW Liberated 45--5-11     25, 
Starr, Rupert "Twink" 2nd Lt O 422/Unk           POW in Poland     Internet 11/2008
Berninghaus, Delbert P. Cpl   422/Unk Co           IV-B      
Cocke, Samuel L. Sgt 34623435 422/Unk Co MIA         IX-B     1, 
Costello, Francis J. SSgt 32818083 422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Dacheneaux, George L. Col O-18902 422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Duffield, Albert   33775935 422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Eder, Melvin A. Capt O-1716902 422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Elliott, Gilbert Pvt   422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Fisher, Bruce M. Lt O 422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Fritter, (unknown)     422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Horton, Robert Lee     422/Unk Co     45-04-02     IX-C Bad Sulza Sax We Mer   Died as POW  
Kantor, (unknown) Capt O 422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Knecht, R. H. Lt O-322642 422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Manning, P. V. Cpl   422/Unk Co MIA         POW     1, 
Mathers, Joseph W., Jr. Pfc 34975075 422/Unk Co     KIA     Dies of wounds as PW, 01-31-1945 PH Netherlands American Cemetery, Margaten, Netherlands, Plot N, Row 5, Grave 16  
McMillan, Paul MSgt 20401377 422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Messina, John J. Pvt   422/Unk Co           IV-B   driver for Capt Chitwood  
Neavitt, Eugene H. SSgt 33034123 422/Unk Co           POW Liberated 45-05-12     1, 25, 
Plutowski, Joseph D. Pvt 33846656 422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Ridout, Rex E. Pfc   422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Sholl, John F. S/Sgt 15313330 422/Unk Co           IV-B, VIII-A     1, 
Sikes, Julian M. WO W- 422/Unk Co           POW   Liberated prior to 4/10/1945 1, 
Stevens, James B. SSgt   422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Thompson, Eulon Pvt 38055505 422/Unk Co           IV-B Muhlberg Sachsen 51-13     NARA & son's email
Turongian, John D.     422/Unk Co           POW # 24708. IX-B   Heavy Maching Gun  
Vogel, Bernard A. SSgt 33440029 422/Unk Co     4/9/1945     IV-B.  Died of torture in Stalag IV-B following escape attempt.   See Article 1,  Newspaper Article
Weisburg, William   16174682 422/Unk Co           POW     1, 
Jones, Alan W., Jr. MajGen O-25868 422/Unk Co, 423/1st  S-3       CIB   POW     1, 
Souillo, George Sgt 33666693 422/Unk Co, 590           POW     1, 
Candy, Donald R. Pfc   423 Med           IX-B       
Alford, Joseph Sgt   423, 422/F           POW   Cub Cub 1982-4-5-6-7-V38#3 says 422/F  
Ace, Charles L. Pfc 17116716 423/1st       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8.  Captured 12/18/1944. Escaped with Don Cooley on way to Muhlburg   Gerolstein to IV-B boxcar roster of Donald E. Cooley 27, 
Bean, Ralph L. Pfc 11068541 423/1st       CIB   POW   Gerolstein to IV-B boxcar roster of Donald E. Cooley.  423/1st D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944.  Death Date from John Kline 10-2007. 27, 
Biviano, Frank J. T/5 32773554 423/1st   WIA   CIB   IX-B PH Motorpool   
Bryan, Kenneth V. SSgt 36477775 423/1st   WIA   CIB   VIII-A PH     
Caldwell, Charles Wesley Sgt 14118897 423/1st MIA     CIB   IV-B   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944 1, 
Callan, Desmond Pfc 11132799 423/1st       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944       
Cooley, Donald E Pfc 15312857 423/1st   WIA   CIB   IV-B, IV-D, KDO Halle-on-the-Salle. PH     
Cunningham, Alexander M. Pfc 14192498 423/1st       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944      
Donegan, Thomas D. Pfc 35051872 423/1st       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944     27, 
Dunn, Edwin W. Pfc 39118851 423/1st       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944     27, 
Feldman, Milton Pvt 13184815 423/1st       CIB   IV-B       
Gresham, Joseph W.     423/1st MIA         IV-B,KDP Neudorf. Liberated 04/18/1945   Supply  
Greve, Walter C. Pfc 36903484 423/1st MIA     CIB   Captured 12/19/1944 near Schoenberg. XII-A, IV-B, KDP coal mine near Furstenwalde, Leipzig   MIA.  Communications Platoon.   
Haught, William Pvt 33281812 423/1st       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944     27, 
McGoogan, Walter H. T/4 36648906 423/1st MIA     CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944   MIA 27, 
Newton, Kenneth M. Pfc 39616197 423/1st MIA     CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944, IV-B   MIA   
Oelschig, Albert C., Jr. Sgt 34766036 423/1st   WIA   CIB   IV-B, III-B, III-A D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944 BS Bronze Star, Purple Heart   
Rokita, Chester S. Cpl 36649733 423/1st       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944     27, 
Scott, Raymond M. Pvt 35096410 423/1st       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944     27, 
Smith, Harry W. Cpl 34281215 423/1st       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944     27, 
Spanos, William V. Pfc 31269818 423/1st       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944     27, 
Tiller, Lloyd L Pfc 37663854 423/1st       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944     27, 
Viviano, Frank J. T/5   423/1st   WIA       IX-B PH     
Webb, Claude S T/Sgt 32770621 423/1st       CIB   IV-B, XII-A       
Brutus, Glen J. Pvt 35560955 423/1st, 423/Hq       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944, IV-B, III-A, III-B   CUB 1977-10-11-12-V34#1 says 423/HQ.  CIB says 423/1st   
McCarthy, Harry J. Pfc 32296680 423/1st, 423/I       CIB   12/19/1944.   CIB says 423/I   
Niemitz, Howard P.     423/1st, 424           POW   Cub 1988-4-5-6-V44#3 says 424   
Diefenthaler, Willard F.     423/1st/Hq           IX-B, IX-A,Died as POW. PH     
Anchorstar, Gustav F.     423/2nd 45-01-12   45-03-30     IX-B, Died @ POW Berga 03/30/1945 malnutrition PH malnutrition  
Baker, William O. Pvt 6578715 423/2nd       CIB   Captured at St. Vith. IX-B     27, 
Craven, William D Capt O-461015 423/2nd       CIB   POW     1, 
Crone, Edward R. Pvt 12216546 423/2nd 45-04-11   45-04-11 CIB   Dies of starvation in IV-A, 04-11-1945 PH KIA in PW camp 1, 
Devaney, Billy M. Pfc   423/2nd           IV-B       
Eisenhard, Daniel A. Pfc 33622508 423/2nd       CIB   1944-12.  IV-B   Email from his son, John Eisenhard, 2007-07-27.  Bronze Star.   
Ennis, George H TSgt 32038159 423/2nd       CIB   POW     1, 
Fuller, James P., Jr. Cpl 35399819 423/2nd MIA     CIB   POW     1, 
Paulson, Dorayne M Pfc 36810311 423/2nd       CIB   IV-B, IX-B Escaped with Keith Ginther       
Puett, Joseph F. Lt Col O-288767 423/2nd       CIB   POW   Commanding Officer 1, 
Pulsifer, Winfred F. Pfc 31353855 423/2nd       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. KDO Chemintz   I&R   
Reigle, Roy E T/5 368?1137 423/2nd       CIB   POW     1, 
Renninger, Clair A. Sgt 33503004 423/2nd       CIB   IV-B, IV-A       
Rhoerick, Paul     423/2nd           UNK      
Riels, John O.     423/2nd           Captured 12/19/1944. IX-B, IX-A. Liberated 03/31/1945 by 6th Armored Div.      
Rosen, Seymour T/4 12181617 423/2nd       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944 in group with Ltc Pruett. IV-B, III-A, III-B   Radio repairman   
Smith, Bryon A.   37589432 423/2nd       CIB   Captured 12/16/1944. IX-B       
Tomlinson, James     423/2nd           IX-B, IX-A      
Cody, William "Bill"     423/2nd C.O.           Captured 12/19/1944.   Grandson of Buffalo Bill Cody. Internet article 12/2008.  Name changed from William Cody Garlow to William Cody.  
Vonnegut, Kurt Jr. Pfc 12102964 423/2nd, 590       CIB   44-12-14,Shouse-5. PH 106th members dispute his claim of being an  "advance scout".  No such job. CIB says 423/2nd.  Wrote the book "SlaughterHouse 5" (Schlachthof Fünf ).  Freed by Red Army 45-05. 27, numerous Internet articles
Burris, Thomas C., Jr. Pfc 12167910 423/3rd       CIB   POW     1, 
Carr, Edward E. T/5 32773817 423/3rd       CIB   POW   Radio Operator   
Dunn, Thomas Melville Capt O 423/3rd           POW      
Goering, Carl G. Capt O-225202 423/3rd MIA   KIA Korea CIB   POW (WW2) PH KIA - Korea died in a PW camp 1, 
Hom, Tong Y.   32654864 423/3rd     5/8/1945     Killed while marching to American lines with other POWs. PH  Killed in Russian aircraft attack, 05/08/1945   
Klinck, Earl F. Lt Col O 423/3rd           Awarded Legion of Merit   Commander 423/3rd  
Lorenz, Lawrence R Pfc 36567400 423/3rd   WIA   CIB   IV-B, IV-A PH   1, 
Miles, Edward T T/5 13174968 423/3rd       CIB   POW     1, 
Monahan, Thomas H. Pfc 31262909 423/3rd       CIB   IV-B   592/A Mentioned by Lt. Pratt, Gerald   
O'Neil, James J 1st Sgt 6705031 423/3rd       CIB   POW     1, 
Ray, Robert G. Pvt 11104669 423/3rd       CIB   Liberated 05/09/1945     1, 
Reece, Leon W. Pvt 34923368 423/3rd       CIB   1944-12-19.  IX-B.   with 95th Division in hospital. Then 106th.     
Rees, Frederick P. Pfc 13186402 423/3rd       CIB   POW     1, 
Shipley, William F (1) T/5 37511748 423/3rd       CIB   XII-A, II-F, Luft 1. Train death ride. Liberated by Russians     27, 
Tipton, William     423/3rd           IX-B       
Wilson, Luther H Pfc 14154623 423/3rd       CIB   POW     1, 
Simpson, Paul Warren T/5 33450338 423/3rd, 422       CIB   POW     1, 
Vecchione, Edward J., Jr. T/5 32921074 423/3rd, 423/C, 424/A   WIA   CIB   IX-B, IX-A PH     
Frankel, Jerome L. Pfc 12229494 423/3rd, 423/Hq   WIA   CIB   IV-B PH 2nd member to join the Association.  CUB Purple Heart.  2nd member to join the Association.   says 423/HQ   
Ricci, Armondo A.     423/3rd, 81/B           POW   Cub 1983-5-6-7-V39#3 says 81/B   
Allen, Max B. SSgt 36303097 423/A       CIB   POW     27, 
Bade, Stanley V. Pfc 36767954 423/A       CIB   IX-B     27, 
Behling, Jackson D. 2nd Lt. O-550996 423/A MIA     CIB   IX-B, Hammelburg, Escaped near Wartenburg, Germany 04/28/1945     Platoon Leader, 1st Platoon. 1, 
Blach, George E.     423/A           IX-B   Posting on discussion board.   
Blalack, George E. Pfc   423/A       CIB   12-19-1944 to 04-02-1945. IX-B.  POW # 23770   2nd Plt.  Post to discussion board, 04-2007.  As a rifleman in A Co. 423rd Regt. 106th Div. I was captured at the Battle of the Bulge and interned at Bad Orb.  60 years later while in the hospital in Falmouth, Ma, my room mate turned out to be Henry Canter, who had been a member of my squad and was also at Bad Orb!. What a coincidence. We learned about it while watching a re run of the Battle of the Bulge movie on TV in our room. I have written my memoirs of the war and will be glad to add them to the record if desired.  George Balch 27, 
Burgess, William K. 1st Lt. O-1306973 423/A MIA     CIB   POW     1, 6/15/44, 
Canter, Henry F. Pfc 31368932 423/A       CIB   IX-B   Post to discussion board, 04-2007.  As a rifleman in A Co. 423rd Regt. 106th Div. I was captured at the Battle of the Bulge and interned at Bad Orb. 60 years later while in the hospital in Falmouth, Ma, my roomate turned out to be Henry Canter, who had been a member of my squad and was also at Bad Orb!. What a concidence. We learned about it while watching a re-run of the Battle of the Bulge movie on TV in our room.  
Ezelle, John Pfc 34819207 423/A       CIB   POW       
Fleming, Dan Pvt 36564855 423/A           POW     1, 
Grant, Ian J. C. Pvt 39215967 423/A       CIB   IX-B     27, 
Guigno, Joseph Pfc 31428448 423/A     KIA CIB   IX-B, Berga PH Runner   
Leavitt, Ralph H.   16175187 423/A     45-04-15 CIB   POW Died 04/15/1945 during forced march near Marktredwitz PH KIA.  Mortarman.  CIB posthumously 27, 
Lewandoski, William J. Pfc 36681724 423/A       CIB   IV-B   Supposed to have had some connection to the kitchen incident at IV-B.   
Martin, Thomas C. S/Sgt 31302320 423/A       CIB   XII-A, IV-B, III-B, III-A     27, 
Moore, Harroun Pfc   423/A           POW     1, 
Shafer, Harold A Pfc 38319054 423/A       CIB   IX-B       
Srebnik, Edwin Pfc 42124400 423/A       CIB   IX-B   BAR man   
Stranko, Peter P. Pfc 33574819 423/A       CIB   POW       
Watson, Dale H Pfc 36952197 423/A       CIB   POW     1, 
Wertz, Gerald V Pfc 33714698 423/A       CIB   POW     1, 
Whittemore, Lowell Pvt   423/A     45-03-01     Died at IV-A 03/1945 PH KIA Died in PW camp   
Immesberger, Henry 2nd Lt. O-554907 423/A, 422       CIB   POW     1, 
Fellows, John H. Pfc 15400698 423/A, 423/D       CIB   POW     1, 
Clark, Robert James Pfc 35149413 423/A, 423/Medic   WIA   CIB   IX-B PH     
Ansel, Joseph J. SSgt 33591793 423/AT       CIB   POW     27, 
Ansley, Ben A Pfc 14175949 423/AT       CIB   POW     1, 
Broadwater, Clifford H. MSgt 33004764 423/AT       CIB   IX-B, IX-A Liberated 03/30/1945       
Brown, Lincoln A. Pfc 42086395 423/AT       CIB   POW       
Fletcher, Donald E.     423/AT   WIA       IX-B PH     
Hiltbrand, Walter F. SSgt 35604849 423/AT   WIA   CIB   POW PH     
Jenkins, Vernon S. SSgt 33563229 423/AT       CIB   IX-B, IX-A     27, 
Kane, Roger M. Cpl 36749496 423/AT   WIA   CIB   IX-A, IX-B PH/OLC   27, 
Kennedy, Glen N. TSgt 37663869 423/AT       CIB   IX-A, IX-B     27, 
Kershner, Jesse O. Pfc 33462425 423/AT       CIB   Bleislf, Prum, Gerolstein, IX-B, Berga     27, 
Lamb, Paul     423/AT           III-A captured 12/17/1944      
Maggi, Fred A. Pvt 39011696 423/AT   WIA   CIB   XI-B, II-A, II-E PH   27, 
McGregor, James P. Pfc 11049326 423/AT       CIB   XII-A, III-A       
Murphy, John J. Pfc 32887717 423/AT       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. IX-B. Liberated 04/02/1945       
Nethers, Richard W. SSgt 35503037 423/AT       CIB   POW   Supply Sgt   
Parquette, Roland G. Pfc 36741902 423/AT       CIB   Captured 12/21/1944. IX-B       
Pirrone, Joseph P. Cpl 32643669 423/AT   WIA   CIB   XII-A, II-C, II-D, X-B, X-C PH     
Rossi, Guitino Sgt   423/AT   WIA       XII-A, III-B, XI-A. Escaped 03/28/1945 PH/OLC     
Sparks, Ronald Calvin Pvt 33903367 423/AT   WIA   CIB   IX-B PH     
Steed, Ralph G. Sgt 34438633 423/AT MIA     CIB   IX-A, IX-B   MIA 1, 
Tyree, Ralph J SSgt 35633102 423/AT       CIB   POW       
Waldow, Bernard, Jr. Pfc 32933726 423/AT       CIB   III-A, XII-A, VII, XI-A       
Siedschlag, Arnold Pfc 36732458 423/AT  Joined 10th at Camp Atterbury           IX-B       
Lockhart, Richard T. Pfc 15313506 423/AT, 422/3rd, 423/A MIA     CIB   IX-B     1, 
Hille, Robert E. Pvt 37473922 423/AT, 423/L     1946-03-21 DOW CIB   IX-B died as a result 03/21/1946 PH After extensive period of hospitalization following his return from IX-B, he died of disabilities incurred in service.  CIB says 423/L   
Berthiaume, Albert C. Pvt 31416858 423/B       CIB   IX-B       
Bowman, Donald S. Pfc 15127137 423/B       CIB   D.E.Cooley's 40&8 Roster 12/25/1944   Gerolstein to IV-B boxcar roster of Donald E. Cooley 27, 
Carnagy, Alfred D Pvt 32268011 423/B       CIB   POW     1, 
Carow, William H. Pvt 39295671 423/B MIA   45-04-12 CIB   KDO leipzig PH MIA KIA bombing of Leipzig 04-12-1945   
Cassidy, Patrick F SSgt 33574924 423/B       CIB   POW     1, 
Crowell, Edward R. Pvt 39421143 423/B       CIB   Prum, IV-B       
Dale, John L. Pfc 13146452 423/B       CIB   POW     1, 
Dimas, Pete G T/5 18120828 423/B       CIB   POW     1, 
Dorton, Richard L Pfc 35899192 423/B       CIB   UNK.  Captured near Schonberg.     27, 
Dorton, Richard L.     423/B           Captured near Schonberg. In various German hospitals       
Fox, Richard T. Pfc 13170454 423/B       CIB   IX-B       
Funari, Frank Sgt 33574833 423/B       CIB   POW     1, 
Galvin, Francis J Pfc 33323698 423/B       CIB   POW     1, 
Garwood, Sterling R. 2nd Lt O-1061698 423/B       CIB   Captured 12/16/1944 Escaped near Regensburg   2nd Plt Ldr. 1, 
Gilbert, Daniel W. Pfc 31459583 423/B       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. XII-A. KDO benzine plant       
Grogan, Henry E Pfc 39468623 423/B       CIB   POW       
Hartt, Charles Robert "Bob" Pvt 33927664 423/B       CIB   POW       
Kiel, Henry W. 1st Lt. O-407527 423/B       CIB   POW     27, 
Lacquement, Arthur C. T/5 36477605 423/B       CIB   IV-B     27, 
Longworth, Lawrence M. Pvt 15400731 423/B       CIB   IV-B       
Lothrop, Oliver A., Jr. Pvt 11120274 423/B       CIB   IV-B     27, 
Loudermilk, Teddy L. SSgt 37039615 423/B       CIB   XII-A, IV-B, VIII-A       
MacDonald, Donald Pvt 36562706 423/B MIA   45-04-03 CIB   Died IV-B 04/03/1945 malnutrition, pneumonia PH MIA KIA 1, 
Mobley, Frank H Pvt 35809359 423/B       CIB   POW     1, 
Ostermeyer, Bernard     423/B           IV-B, IX-A       
Parkinson, Francis X. "Kelly" SSgt 36649872 423/B       CIB   Stalag IV-B, Liberated 45-04-23   See Obit/Diary/Article 25, Newspaper article 11/2008
Pitts, Kern P. 2nd Lt. O-6718 423/B       CIB   XIII-B   Plt Ldr   
Ponza, Frank Pvt 32771376 423/B       CIB   IX-B       
Reifenrath, John W. Pvt 37345396 423/B       CIB   Berga       
Reinfenrath, John W.     423/B           IX-B, Buchanwald complex at Berga am Elster      
Rigatti, Richard L. SSgt 33667029 423/B       CIB   IX-A     1, 
Salerno, Joseph T. 1st Lt O-32921965 423/B       CIB   IV-B   CIB says Pfc. Pfc, rifleman and Platoon Messenger.  Commissioned 0969892.  Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster. Bronze Star, CIB.  Service 05/21/1943 to 12/03/1945.  Recalled for Korea 09/1950 to 11/1953.  Discharged 1st Lt. and PR for Chief of Transportation, 8th Army Korea.  Army Commendation Medal.   
Scotti, Joseph G. Pfc 32928302 423/B       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. Limburg air raid, IX-B       
Smith, Jack D. SSgt 34546762 423/B       CIB   1944-12-19 near Schnee Eifel,IX-B,IX-A. Liberated Good Friday, 1945. BS In charge of mortar squad. email from son,  4/2008.  See POW diary.
Southam, George F Pvt 33837133 423/B       CIB   XII-A, IV-B, IV-A       
Sprenkle, Robert Louis Pfc   423/B     45-02-23     Died in PW camp 02-23-1945 PH KIA Died on PW camp 02-23-1945   
VanMoorlehem, Arthur Pvt 36958638 423/B       CIB   Captured 12/19/1945, Gerolstein, IX-B.     27, 
Warner, Herbert R. T/4 32567256 423/B       CIB   IX-A, IX-B       
Dabson, Alan R. Pfc 33563171 423/B, 331/B         12/16/1944 POW   Medic.  CUB 1977-10-11-12-V34#1 says 331/B 1, 33, 
Fischer, Rodman H. Pfc 12226726 423/B, 423/G       CIB   IV-B, IV-G   CIB says 423/G   
Bellay, Charles J. Sgt 33439981 423/C       CIB   POW     27, 
Beulle, Galliene Francois Pfc 16061946 423/C   WIA   CIB   IV-B PH     
Butterfield, Wallace Pvt 39926861 423/C       CIB   POW       
Carr, Charles H. Pvt 37511897 423/C       CIB   12-21-1944. IV-B, III-B, III-A SS CUB 1946-08   
Diaz, Hermes, Jr. T/5 34547334 423/C       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944       
Gallagher, Richard P. Pvt 31429535 423/C       CIB   1944-12.  IX-B       
Goldberg, Ephraim T/5 42033662 423/C       CIB   IV-B       
Griffin, Henry B. Sgt 37550233 423/C       CIB   POW   Photo from PW camp   
Hudson, Edward R. Pvt 31459032 423/C     KIA CIB   Died at IX-B of starvation and pneumonia PH KIA.  CIB posthumously.  Email from family 10-2007. 27, 
Kelly, John H. Pfc 31071286 423/C       CIB   POW   2006 ? 27, 
Kinney, Paul T. Pfc 19186964 423/C       CIB   POW     27, 
Kleven, Joseph B Pfc 17142564 423/C       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. IV-B, KDO Dresden. Moved to Czechoslovakia and liberated there by Russians, IV-B   Wrote "Rainwater and Potato Peelings. 27, 1991-7/8/9
Kleven, Joseph B.     423/C           Captured 12/19/1944. IV-B, KDO Dresden. Moved to Czechoslovakia and liberated there by Russians.     1991-7/8/9
Maher, Edward L.     423/C           12-17-1944. IX-B.       
Poyorena, David E Pfc 39244224 423/C       CIB   POW     1, 
Ruck, Harvey A. Pvt 36829096 423/C       CIB   IV-B       
Ryan, Wendell C Pfc 36522362 423/C       CIB   POW     1, 
Schrom, Irving S 2nd Lt. O-557882 423/C   WIA   CIB   POW Battle of Bulge   newspaper article 11/2008: Among those people was Irv Schrom, an Army veteran and former World War II prisoner of war who chatted about his war experiences with the three young men.  Schrom served with the 106th Infantry Division and was captured by the Germans after he was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge. Keelty, Pagano and Bucksath reminded him of his younger self, he said.  "When I see these guys ... I say, 'Holy cow!' " Schrom said.  27, 
Schwartz, Murray A. Pfc 14118469 423/C   WIA   CIB   XII-A, Dulag 377 PH     
Sharpe, Thomas W.     423/C           Captured 12/19/1944/ Liberated 05/09/1945 by Russians.      
Shaw, Harry R., Jr. "Bob" Pfc 38682801 423/C       CIB   IX-B       
Sisson, James Roger TSgt 31303684 423/C       CIB   XIII-C PH,BS,3 Battle Stars See Obit Obit 9/2009
Snyder, George M. Pfc 31459936 423/C MIA   44-12-21 CIB   12-21-1944.Died while prisoner at IX-B. PH MIA KIA  Died in PW camp   
Stone, Darrel D. Pfc 36012100 423/C 44-12-19   44-12-19 CIB   Died in German field hospital in Budesheim, Germany PH MIA KIA near Budeshein, Germany, 12-19-1944  CUB 1946-11 says Died in PW camp, CUB 1948-12/1949-01-V5#3 says in action.   
Umstead, Charles C. Pfc 42121609 423/C       CIB   Attendorn, XI-B     27, 
Umsted, Charles C. Pfc   423/C   WIA       POW PH/OLC     
Wood, Vernon T.     423/C           Captured 12/19/1944, III-B, III-A. Liberated 04/22/1945 by Russians       
Plotner, Judson B. (D.?) T/4 33440209 423/C Aid Man           XI-B     1, 
Wroblewski, Chester     423/C WIA SILVER STAR   WIA       5 months PH     
Lewis, Kenneth W Sgt 32488348 423/C, 422       CIB   POW     1, 
Ridings, Florence B. Sgt 34723492 423/C, 423/H       CIB   POW   CIB says 423/H   
Veith, Fred R. Sgt   423/C, 424/A   WIA   CIB   Captured 12/1944. PH 423/C 60mm mortar section   
Bishop, Arthur F. Pfc 39047896 423/CN   WIA   CIB   XII-A, III-A PH/OLC     
Cram, Milton B. Cpl 31269594 423/CN       CIB   POW       
Cram, Milton H.     423/CN           POW       
Hall, William W. Pfc 36951940 423/CN       CIB   POW       
Haynes, Charles E. Pfc 15394638 423/CN       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. IX-B       
Hillstrom, Jack L.     423/CN   WIA       IX-C PH     
Lowith, Allen L. Pfc 39574373 423/CN       CIB   III-A   Have many of the Kregie POW pictures and records from 12-A at Limburg that I "borrowed" from the commander's office files during the excitment.  CUB 1954-10-11-V11#2.  Died 2000 - Family doesn't have them. 27, 
Mazor, Jack E. Pfc 15344307 423/CN       CIB   IV-B       
Patterson, Warren N. Cpl 31302683 423/CN       CIB   POW     6/15/44, 
Smith, Walter E.     423/CN           POW       
Strehle, Robert A. Sgt   423/CN           IV-B, KDO, IV-F     1, 
Zeman, Rudolph J. "Rudy" T/4   423/CN           IX-A, IX-B, Berga SM Soldier's Medal   
Cohen, Israel Pfc 39578787 423/CN, 423/B MIA   KIA CIB   Died as POW 04/08/1945 PH MIA   
Angelo, Mario J. SSgt 36579918 423/D   WIA   CIB   POW Operation in German hospital. Escaped PH Section Sgt, 1st Section, 2nd Plt 27, 
Billinghurst, Edward P. 2nd Lt. O-551921 423/D       CIB   IX-B, Oflag XIII-B, liberated 05/02/1945 at Gars on the Inn River     27, 
Burrell, James W.     423/D           POW       
Cooley, James H. Pfc 38404876 423/D MIA     CIB   POW     1, 
Edwards, Dick P. Pfc 14131789 423/D       CIB   Fallingbostel, Neubrandenburg     1, 
Enlow, Jackie R. Pvt 35812788 423/D       CIB   IX-B       
Enlow, Russell     423/D           IX-B       
Hawkins, Harold W. Sgt 37478119 423/D       CIB   Captured 12/24/1944. Liberated 04/13/1945       
Hesse, James Francis 2nd Lt. O-548901 423/D       CIB   POW     1, 
Hessler, Frank A Pvt 33903921 423/D       CIB   IV-B       
Hoffmaster, Wendell M. "Windy" Sgt 36810730 423/D       CIB   POW       
Houseman, Donelson M. 2nd Lt. O-1062941 423/D MIA     CIB   VI-G     1, 
Kahler, John K. Pfc 33807450 423/D MIA     CIB   POW   1946-09 says 423/B. CIB says 423/D 1, 
Kelly, Edmond D. Pfc 12108246 423/D       CIB   IX-B     27, 
Kovalik, Jack E. SSgt 36478394 423/D       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944/ VIII-A.     27, 
Paulin, Richard B. Pfc 13189137 423/D       CIB   POW     1, 
Reeber, Charles A. Pfc 36883141 423/D       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. IV-B, VIII-A, X-B. POW #313799     1, 
Schoen, Norman R Sgt 35584027 423/D       CIB   UNK     27, 
Schon, Norman     423/D           POW      
Sine, Robert R 1st Lt. O-1323750 423/D       CIB   POW   Liberated prior to 4/10/1945 1, 
Stringer, Robert S., Jr. S/Sgt 33563177 423/D       CIB   IX-B, IX-A       
Sutton, Preston L. Pvt 19098183 423/D       CIB   12/19/1944. IX-B. Limburg rail bombing.     27, 
Timm, Eugene A. Pfc 16157670 423/D       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. IX-B. Liberated by 106th Cavalry.       
Yingst, William J. Pfc 33561996 423/D       CIB   IV-B, IV-D       
Young, Damon F. Pfc 15340035 423/D       CIB   II-A. Liberated by 82nd Airborne at Lundwigslust.  Woodcutter KDO at Zislow       
Youngblood, Charles Edwin Pfc 13157296 423/D       CIB   Lelpzig-Warren       
Umstattd, William B.   12211906 423/D, 423/B     1947-12-29 DOW CIB   IV-B. Died 12-29-1947 as a result of Leukemia from exposure as POW. PH   1, 
Albert, Roy I.     423/E           POW      
Boulton, Thomas E. Pvt 34084736 423/E           POW Liberated 45-04-23     25, 
Burns, Forrest Steel S/Sgt 12000999 423/E       CIB   POW for 4 months, liberated by British, discharged at Camp Atterbury 08-1945.     1, 
Edwards, Howard S. Pvt 14133830 423/E       CIB   12/19/1944.  Liberated by Russians at Brux, Czechoslovakia.       
Haughey, Hollis B. Pvt 15311559 423/E   WIA   CIB   IV-B PH     
Johnson, Cecil O. Pvt 34799258 423/E       CIB   12-19-1944. POW Hospital Liberated 04/14/1945     27, 
Johnson, Worth M. Pvt 34113332 423/E MIA     CIB   IV-B   MIA   
Lawler, Loy D Pfc 38477692 423/E     KIA CIB   IV-B, KDO 4-D-2 near Annaberg PH   27, 
McBride, Robert     423/E           XII-A, IV-B, KDO Sandesdorf.  Escaped with 2 British POWs.   Sgt in charge of 30cal machne gun squad.  Notre Dame Footbal coach.  See Unknown PW Camps. 2007-09-28.   
Mulder, Richard G. Pvt 17116780 423/E   WIA   CIB   XII-A PH     
Ord, Charles R. (Dick) Pfc 35243305 423/E       CIB   Lager 118, Leipsig, Germany 1-1945 to 4-1945.       
Parker, Earl S. Sgt 35564521 423/E       CIB   IV-B     27, 
Raila, Frank A. Pvt 36958810 423/E       CIB   XII-A, IV-B, KDO Sandersdorf, near Bitterfield, Germany   member 30cal. machine gun crew   
Renfro, Harold E.     423/E           Captured 12/18 or 19/1944, IV-B. Liberated 04/17/1945       
Rothermec, Thomas     423/E           IX-B, Ziegenheim   12/19/1944   
Snell, (unknown)     423/E   WIA       Stepped on a mine PH     
Snyder, John J. Pfc 35880374 423/E       CIB   IV-G   Email fron son, 2007-07-27. 27, 
Stookey, John D Pfc 16130002 423/E       CIB   Bad Lavsick Captured 12/20/1944, liberated 04/16/1945 by 9th Armor.  Flown from Germany to Wakeman Hospital, Camp Atterbury       
Tuhoski, Stanley     423/E           Captured near Prum, Germany. IV-B       
Warkocki, Norbert N Pfc 36773223 423/E       CIB   Captured at St. Vith.  Escaped from Buchenwald       
Bannister, Albert J. Pfc   423/F     45-04-11     POW Died in air raid at Stendel, Germany PH    
Blalack, Harold R. Pfc 35881815 423/F       CIB   IX-B       
Borgnis, Albert Pvt 31459407 423/F       CIB   IV-B       
Byerley, Robert H. T/5 34288964 423/F       CIB   12-1944. XII-A, II-B, III-A, II-B       
Dowden, Andrew F.     423/F           Captured 12/19/1944. IV-B, III-B, III-A.  Liberated by Russians 04/22/1945       
Hansen, Ralph G. Pfc 37693869 423/F MIA     CIB   Captured 12/21/1944 at St. Vith. IV-B, IV-A, German hospital. Liberated 05/19/1945   MIA   
Johnson, Vincent M.     423/F           POW      
Murawski, Alexander Pvt 36680256 423/F       CIB   Captured 12/1944 Berga Liberated 04/20/1945 by 95th Division       
Musgrove, Irvin (Ervin ?) W. Sgt 38403573 423/F       CIB   POW     1, 
Stephens, Guy M. Pvt 35812066 423/F       CIB   IX-B   Div Chaplain Asst.  Newspaper article on website, 2007-09-21.   
Sulser, Jack A. Sgt 16166969 423/F       CIB   IX-A, IX-B       
Zullig, Charles J. Capt O-1283354 423/F MIA     CIB   XIII-B     1, 
Schnizlein, John Glenn, Jr. 1st Lt O-551205 423/F, 422/H       CIB   IX-B, Hammelbuer, Nurmberg, Mooseberg   CUB 1951-12-1952-01-V8#3 says 422/H.  CIB says 423/F   
Adams, Walter S (G?)., III     423/G           KDP Benzine factory, Zietz, Germany   1st LMG Squad - 2nd Gunner - Pistol # 1081710  
Bean, Harold W.     423/G           Glenia, Germany      
Bishop, Jesse M. SSgt 34624698 423/G       CIB   POW       
Boylan, Carrel A. Pfc 19118415 423/G       CIB   IV-B     27, 
Briles, Ben R. Pvt 37454779 423/G       CIB   POW       
Burns, Howard V Sgt 32828898 423/G       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. IV-B. Escaped with Walter H. Jewell enroute to VIII-A. Returned to US Army 04/13/1945     27, 
Crimmins, Raymond J. Pfc   423/G           IV-B   1st LMG Squad - 1st Gunner - Pistol # 532167   
Donnahoo, George F., Jr. Pfc 34892331 423/G       CIB   IV-B       
Fehlman, Alvin I Pvt 36959214 423/G       CIB   XII-A, IV-B, work commando IV-G Leipzig       
Forsyth, John L.     423/G           Liberated 04/1945       
Fryhoff, Robert E. TSgt 36478426 423/G MIA WIA       Never listed as POW. 1st group of POWs liberated after Allies crossed Rhine   Plt Sgt 3rd Plt   
Goss, James A Sgt 34624785 423/G       CIB   XII-A   1st Machine Gun Squad Leader. Rifle # 2645190. Email from son 11/2007. 27, 
Hollar, Thurston T/5   423/G     45-03     12-19-1944. Ziegelei-Nernhard.  Died in PW camp, 03-1945. PH KIA Body moved to SC, 08-24-1978. 1st LMG Squad.  Carbine # 1787   
Jewell, Walter H.     423/G           Captured 12/19/1944. IV-B. Escaped with Sgt Howard V. Byrne enroute to VIII-A. Returned to US Army 04/13/1945       
Jones, Lloyd Martin 2nd Lt. O-551459 423/G       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. IX-B, Oflag XIII-C. Liberated 03/27/1945 at Hammelburg, recaptured, liberated 05/02/1945       
Kersten, Joseph A. Pvt 42091056 423/G       CIB   IX-B       
Moore, James E., Sr.     423/G           XPOW medal 1988       
Ritchey, Kenneth E.     423/G           Gleina, Germany       
Sagers, Cinton R. Pvt 39926976 423/G   12/19/1944   CIB   POW PH   Newspaper article 6/2008 - See diary.
Scholten, Donald J. Pfc 16175200 423/G       CIB   IV-B, KDO       
Shamburger, Riley M Pfc 7009410 423/G       CIB   POW     1, 
Shlazas, Joseph P. Pfc   423/G     KIA     Captured 12/21/1944, Died POW Herschberg, Germany, 04-08-1945 PH    
Snyder, Edwin A. Sgt   423/G     KIA     Dies as POW buried Orbke, Germany PH     
Solomon, Joseph   32704308 423/G           POW       
Thirlwell, E. C. SSgt 35703593 423/G       CIB   Captured 12/19/1944. XII-A, III-B, III-A, IV-B       
Tucker, James Willard Pfc 36890814 423/G   WIA   CIB   IV-B PH Email from his daughter, 10/2007 27, 
York, Ivon S/Sgt 34708280 423/G       CIB   IX-A, IX-B       
Williams, Audley O. Pfc 14164368 423/G, 423/B       CIB   IX-B   BAR man   
Kobylarzyk, Michael TSgt ?6141958 423/G, 423/L       CIB   IX-A, IX-B   CIB says 423/L 27, 
Thiel, Leon Pfc 38545577 423/G, MP       CIB   IV-B       
Antonovich, Jacob B. T/4 33185292 423/H       CIB   POW     27, 
Beaver, Johnnie R Pvt 34964488 423/H       CIB   IX-B     27, 
Bikulcius, Edward C Pvt 31233938 423/H       CIB   IX-B, IX-C       
Bottcher, Reme D.     423/H           IX-B       
Deland, Durgin J Capt O-1289704 423/H       CIB   POW