About This Site

This site is dedicated to the men that fought and died in the 106th Infantry Division of World War II.

It is not meant to be in any competion with the original and authoritive site by John Kline, Editor of the 106th Association magazine, "the CUB".  That site is located at  http://www.mm.com/user/jpk      John was a member of the 423rd Infantry Regiment, 106th Division.  This is the site to visit for any historical research.  It should be considered THE site for the 106th.

This site is intended to be an informal place for the individual members of the 106th and their families, to record the life histories of the experiences of battle and, in some cases, life as a Prisoner of War.  It is hoped, that if you were a member, or you had a relative who was a member, of this famous fighting force, that you will submit information.  The information will be made available through the internet to the many schools and libraries around the world.  It will present first-person accounts of how terrible war can really be.  And it can become a place to find old comrades.

I am a former member of both Company B, 138th Armor, 38th Infantry Division, and the 71st Special Operations Squadron, USAF Reserve (Vietnam).   I am also a member of the Camp Atterbury ( Indiana ) Museum Association.  The 106th trained at Camp Atterbury in 1944.  A site for Camp Atterbury is available at www.IndianaMilitary.org  

All that is necessary for your story to be told, is to The mailing address is Jim West, 4223 South Shelby 750 West, Franklin IN 46131-9205.

Please visit the story of Jack Roberts, 592nd Artillery Battalion for some good examples of what might be submitted.  You may send as little or as much as you can.  Photos are most valued.  Items submitted will be returned is so requested.

In 2004, the 106th Infantry Division Association saw fit to bestow upon me the great honor of "The Award of the Golden Lion - Officer Class".  Such an award from such a group of Heroes is very humbling, and I thank them for this honor.

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