Charles Ray Davis
106th Infantry Division
30th Infantry Division
My father Charles Ray Davis (now deceased) from Hazelwood , NC served in the 106th for a time.  He was inducted in Columbia, SC and went for training in California. As far as I know, he didn't train in Indiana. He was originally in the Quarter Master Corp, then fought in France, and then was assigned to the 106th from a replacement battalion. I don't know about the timing. He has a Golden Lion patch and was credited with being in the Ardennes campaign.  He didn't talk much about the war and was wondering if anyone knew him.  His handwritten record states that he was in Company B of the 106th, but I've read it was pretty much wiped out and he wasn't a POW.  Later he was transferred to the 30th Division and then to an ordinance unit to be shipped home.

Source: Son
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