200th Infantry Regiment

Youngest of the division's three regiments is the 200th Infantry.  First units of the 200th were organized in 1846.  Parent-units of the 200th include such historic and colorful Alabama Militia units as the Mobile Rifles and Mobile Cadets, the Montgomery True Blues, the Tuskegee Grays, and the Consecun Home Guards.

Principal colors of the 200th insignia is blue, with the silver cross of St. Andrews or saltire is from the Confederate battle flag and refers to the organization's honorable battle record in the Civil War; the war club on a chief orr (yellow) is of the type used in New Guinea and Morotai and the yellow broad arrow (pheon) symbolizes the assault landings made there.

Company G
200th Infantry Regiment
31st (Dixie) Infantry Division
October 1952 at Camp Atterbury

Courtesy of Robert Andraschko

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