Muscatatuck Urban Training Center

A 1,000 acre urban training facility located near Butlerville, Indiana. MUTC is used to train civilian first responders, Foreign Service Institute, joint civilian/military response operations, and military urban warfare. It is also home to the National Guard Patriot Academy, a program that gives potential recruits the chance to earn a high school diploma.[2] In addition, it is home to Cybertropolis (a cyberwarfare training environment). The center features more than 120 training structures and over 1 mile of searchable tunnels. A clock tower used as a rappel tower has all four clock faces set to 9:11.

Cybertropolis is a live-fire cyberwarfare training environment at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center. It "consists of a representative city and residential infrastructure outfitted with operational SCADA, cellular, and enterprise networks". Red-Team/Blue-Team exercises are conducted by US National Guard and other US Department of Defense organizations.

Located on the grounds of the former Muscatatuck State Developmental Center (MSDC). MSDC was created in 1920 as the Indiana Farm Colony for the Feeble Minded. It became one of Indiana's largest mental institutions approximately 3,000 patients and around 2,000 employees. From 1920 through 2005, MSDC housed many of Indiana's challenged citizens and was once the largest employer in Jennings County.

Photos taken 03/28/2018

Aerial view of Muscatatuck

Entrance into Muscatatuck.

Debris has been scattered around to simulate a nuclear detanation a few miles away. It is to give searchers and other participents a realistic scenerio.  Prisoners are used to help with the placement of the debris.

More of the same.

Former entrance. The horse statue is one of two originals.

left of Hospital Main Entrance. Note the sign asking for help hanging on the rooftop.

Former St. Francis Hospital Center

To the right of the Main Hospital Entrance

Fake buildings made of old storage containers, much like found in the Arab countries

Fake construction areas

Former gas station

Mock up of villages constructed from found materials

Animal stockade. All the animals were inside at time of photo. The camel thinks he's a dog.

Train derailment

Train derailment

Train derailment

Train derailment

Train derailment

Collasped building with search areas

Building constructed of locally cut stone. The patients at Muscatatuck quarried and cut the stones for several buildings. Beautiful stone work.

“Muscatatuck Colony - Two Dormitories Erected 1938”

Dedication plaques

Dedication plaques

Mock courtroom. All the furniture was purchased on Ebay by the military for the court

Miscellanous office space. Note the Arabic writing on the box.

Typical jail cell. The jail cells are not original to Muscatatuck but added for Search & Rescue training

Jail Cell Toilets are filled with concrete to prevent anyone from actually using it.

corridor of jail cells

More jail cells

Jail cell door

More cells

Jail meeting cell

Jail cells and very long hallway

Another cell door

Un-expored area in tunnels. One on each side of the tunnel. No one knows their purpose or where they lead.

Tunnel that seems to go on forever. (both ways !)

Another jail cell area
Hospital - St. Francis Center
The hospital was left in working condition. All furniture, instruments, books, etc. were left in place. The third floor is rumored to be haunted. Lights can be turned off, and by the time the person reaches the outside they have turned themselves back on.

Main Entrance

Hospital with scattered debris.

Entrance and waiting area. Furniture and books as the day it closed

Part of Entrance & Hallways

Hospital Elevator

Hospital hallways

Left Front of Hospital

Typical Patient's Room

Fully functional Dentist's Office. Dental tools left where last used.
The x-ray room was also left intact. US Marines in training happened to discover the x-ray equipment was left in a functionable state and were taking x-rays of themselves. The equipment has since been deactivated.

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