Japanese Mitsubishi A6M5 "Zeke"
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(Center plane)
Freemen AAF September 1945
Ray White via Lou  Thole 

Photo by Earl L. Ware, Base Photographer
Freeman Field, 1945-6
Source Disposition
NASM (below) Came from a group of Japanese aircraft captured on Saipan Island in April 1944
NASM (below) At Anacostia Naval Air Station across the river from Washington, D. C., September 1, 1944; 3:10 flying time (Allied) on the airplane by October 20, 1944.
NASM (below) At Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio, April 18, 1945 to February 13, 1946. As of July 13, 1945, this Zero had flown for 93 hours and 15 minutes in Allied hands.
NASM (below) Evaluated in 1945 at  Eglin Field, Florida
NASM (below) To Freeman Field, Indiana, by March 4, 1946, and departed Freeman Field on June 14, 1946
Wingspan 11 m (36 ft. 1 in.)
Length 9.12 m (29 ft. 11 in.)
Height 3.51 m (11 ft. 6 in.)
Weight 1,876 kg (4,136 lb.) empty
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