Pennsylvania Rail Car PRR 180
Former Private Car of William Wallace Atterbury

President of Pennsylvania Railroad and
Namesake for Camp Atterbury

This is the railcar used by William Wallace Atterbury while President of Pennsylvania Railroad.  It was never used as a military car, and W. W. Atterbury, while appointed a General in World War One, was never at Camp Atterbury.  The car was donated by the owner in Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania Railroad donated its shipping on their rails.  Donated military and other volunteers moved it from the rail spur to its final display area.

All the windows were removed a long time ago and the holes covered by welded steel panels, but not before the vandals found it.  All the porcelain sinks were destroyed and scattered around.  The under carriage (wheels) were removed and shipped separately. Nothing remains inside that was not vandalized.  Anything that could be removed -- was. 

The two doors were quickly padlocked and I doubt that more than 6 people have been in it since it was delivered, and probably no one since 2000.  It is not actually "on display", with no sidewalks or signage.

While a "big deal" getting and moving the car, and greeted with great enthusiasm, it has since become a detriment to Camp Atterbury as it sits next to the Museum, visible from the Main Gate and entrance to the camp proper, slowly rusting away.  It is exactly, in 11/2009, as it was when received in 2000.  Many schemes have been developed to get it painted, by volunteers, the Job Corps, etc., but nothing has been done.  I suspect if any organization would take it, they would be happy to get rid of it. 


Arriving at Camp Atterbury Rail Spur, December 27, 2000

Coming up the tracks and approaching the railroad spur to Camp Atterbury, just south of Kokomo Grain.  The spur is the original WW2 railroad to Camp Atterbury, but was rebuilt about 2002.

Making the transition onto the spur.
Crossing US 31, east to west
Nearing the end of the spur.

End of the spur, deep into the former Camp Atterbury area, now property of the
Indiana Department of Natural Resources. 
Plans call for this area to return to Camp Atterbury control perhaps during 2010.

Railroad employee guiding the railcar to its final destination on the Camp Atterbury spur. 
From here to its final display area, it will be moved by truck and cranes down the roads.
On display in Camp Atterbury proper, just south of the Museum.

The "front" or Kitchen area of the car.
Inside of the car. 
I was the first inside the car, and one of only a few that have been in. 

Inside of a cabinet

Junk piled in the corner

Looking towards the "front" of the car.  This was the kitchen area.  The coal-burning stove is gone.

Stainless steel cabinet in the kitchen area.

Looking from front to rear, down the narrow hallway.  Doubtful that a wheelchair could get down the passage.

Side of the hallway.  Not real sure just what this picture represents.

What is left of the fireplace in the last room at the rear of the car.  All wood trimings are gone.

The back door.  Across from the fireplace.  Directly opens to the outside.

An interior door

A leaded glass door up high on a cabinet.  Every inch of space is used for storage. 
Little doors are everywhere.

Drawers and bed frame.  Main bed in the railcar.  Probably used by Atterbury.
Future ???

What it originally looked like.  Photo of a "sister" railcar that is identical.
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James D. West