Cpl. Delmar P. Garnhart
422/HQ 3Bn
106th Infantry Division

This is for the diary. My father was Cpl Delmar P. Garnhart, 106th Inf./422/HQ 3Bn.  He was captured December 16, 1944 at the Battle of the Bulge.  He never talked much about the war and I never thought to ask.  He passed away 1972 from multiple mycelia.  Now that I'm older and regret not learning more of what he went thru I'm trying to track down all the information I can about his service.  There are a few memories that I have and would like to share them. He was a prisoner at Stalag 4B, Muhlberg Sachsen 51-13.  

1.  He talked about one night on the march to the POW camp of being held in a open field and the men sneaking across the a road to another field that had been planted with sugar beets.  The German guards finally warned them that they would shoot the next man they caught going across the road.  I don't think he ever ate sugar beets again. 

2.  He talked about how all the German officers had these little automatic pistols and when they got agitated they would pull them out and wave them around.  He thought this was funny? 

3.  He talked about how they would mess with the morning and evening head count by having a man move from one row to another.  The Germans would then come up with too few or too many men.  He also thought this was funny?  Probably causing the officers to pull out their pistols.  

4.  He talked of things he missed while in captivity, Lucky Strikes cigarettes and O'Henry candy bars.  Funny, he quite smoking shortly after he came home and I don't think he had a O'Henry candy bar for years. 

5.  He talked once of seeing political prisoners being tortured.  They were given very hot showers and then herded out into the freezing cold.  He said some did not live. 

6.  He talked about the guards and how at the end of the war they where not eating any better than the prisoners. 

I wish I had more.  If anyone remembers my father please contact me by email.   

I also have two photos of my dad with two other men-Clarence Bahlo and Elmer "Buddy" Helwig of Baltimore, MD.  His wife's name was Nelda.

Thank You, James Garnhart  Email

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