Frank C. Molinari
422nd Regiment, Company C
106th Infantry Division
Frank C. Molinari captured on Dec.20,44 I was with the first Battery C Co. 422 ASN 31459071. Awarded CIB, Purple Heart and most recently the French Legion of Honor. My Platoon Leader was Lt. Wessels My Top Kick First Sergeant Quadzick My squad leader was Staff Sgt. Charlone . I was Liberated Late April 45 not sure of the exact date.

I was interrogated and registered at Stalag IVB. In very short order I Went out on a work detail and ended up in a small town Fredericksburg . The largest city in Germany was Chemnitz, that we knew was close I worked on a side of a mountain breaking large stone and carry the same up to a flat where we were laying down Rails . The engineer on this job was a BIG FAT SOB that wore Black Leather.  I couldn't understand why he kept his Fat Body while we were drying up to skin and bones. There were approximately 240 POWs in this group And we were locked up in a Large room with three bunks high and straw mattresses or what was left of them.

The rumor was that Russian POWS were in this Stalag prior to we getting to occupy same, they sure carved the slats on the bunks very thin . This work camp was commandeered by Stalag 4F.  Three guys were picked to over see and control the group, but I only got to know one . He was from Boston and his name was Sal Venizia . I believe they were with the 10th Armored Div.?  You will have to excuse my spelling and typing but this is what Info I can give you, and thank you for all you are doing to keep the history of the 106th Infantry.

By the way I was called MOE MY Best Buddie was Louis Nigro I don't know what Company he was in but he also was a member of the 106 Inf. Div. He was from Arlington MA. Maybe you can link him up some how . I can state this if he wasn't with me I never would have made it God Bless Louis Nigro he passed away in 1976. I wrote a small part of my POW experience and sent to John Kline a while back maybe you already have it and its ok by me if you want to add. I was Interviewed by Boston University and they put it on the air. It was a Live Call in Question And Answer program.  You couldn't believe how many calls I received . We Have a Book that was recently published called OUT OF THE DARKNESS. A Young GERMAN born photographer whose Grandfather was an SS General captured by the Russians and released in 1950 . This Guy asked if he could take pictures and a part of your POW experience.
I got 20 guys from the out reach group which I am proud to say I was a part of organizing this group in 1980, to volunteer their stories and Jorge Got a professional writer and put these stories together and published this book, not to make money but to get it into every library in Europe. Jorge told me in Germany they Know nothing about WWII.

He also told me when his grandfather was released by the Russians His own daughter who was Jorges mother would not let her father into their home, she said he was a very cruel man and had many people arrested and they never saw them again. This whole story was put into the Lexington Historical MUSEUM FROM 1/06 thru 7/06
for six months and now I understand that it being sent to other parts of the USA to be put on exhibition.

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