Wendell Ward
L Company 422nd regiment
106th infantry division

Following appeared on eBay, November 2006

Original WW II German Youth Dagger.

      Liberated by US Army Veteran during WW II. The makers mark on blade is RZM circled with M7-12 underneath it. Dagger has slight damage to the bakelite grip (as shown in pic). Side of handle with insignia intact. Comes with original sheath. Please contact for more pics leaving your email. Veteran was in L company 422nd regiment of 106th infantry division. Captured and placed in 1V MUHLBERG concentration camp. Once liberated by Russians veteran went into Muhlberg town and liberated several items. Will be posting other items soon.

Thanks for looking and Happy Bidding!!!

The rest of the story is Mr. Ward went into Mulberg in search of food. They had seen the mayor of that town from time to time. He saw the mayors body strung up in front of a house. He entered the house searching for food and a gun. While going through a big dresser Mr. Ward noticed that it had a false bottom. When he broke into it it was full of money and this youth dagger. He was overjoyed. He took the knife and collected the money. Weeks later he took just a little of the money to and exchanged a only then did he discover he wasn't so lucky . The money was worthless.

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