Photo Set: Stalag IXB in Bad Orb, Germany

This photo set consists of ten private photos of Stalag IXB in Bad Orb, Germany. The photos were taken after liberation of the camp in 1945. The photos are believed to have been taken by Dr. William L. Casey, an officer from the 23rd Station Hospital.

Stalag IXB was located in Bad Orb approximately 30 miles northwest of Frankfurt. The camp held French, Italian, Serbian, Russian, and American P.O.W.s. Conditions in this camp were terrible, and Stalag IXB ranks as one of the worst German camps that held Americans P.O.W.s.

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     [Stalag IXB camp buildings]   An external view of camp buildings. A water truck is visible in the background.     
  [Stalag IXB crosses]   A closer view of the crosses along the side of the building. The cross inscriptions are not legible except for a date "1945" and a single name "Smith".
  [Stalag IXB camp buildings]   A group of men exit one of the camp buildings.
  [Stalag IXB prisoner]   A view of a gaunt prisoner.
  [Stalag IXB prisoner]   Another former prisoner huddles in a lower bunk.
  [Stalag IXB American prisoner]   An American prisoner. Please contact us if you can help identify the patch on the prisoner's uniform.

[Arjan v.H. from Zundert, Holland suggested this patch may be the "Golden Lion" of the 106th Infantry Division. A number of enlisted men from the 106th Infantry Division were captured during the Battle of the Bulge and imprisoned in Stalag IXB.]

[106th Infantry Golden Lion Patch]
  [Stalag IXB Bad Orb]   One of the few labelled photos: "Bad Orb: The chaplain and Dentist and yourself."
  [Stalag IXB soldiers]   Another view of men of the medical unit inside the camp.
  [Stalag IXB soldiers]   Helmets off for a third view of the same men with an additional soldier. What does the armband on the middle soldier signify?
  [Stalag IXB interior]   Interior view of one of the camp buildings.

Flint Whitlock is finishing a manuscript on Bad Orb and other German POW camps. The book is expected to be published this year, with the title: Given Up for Dead: American GI's in the Nazi Concentration Camp at Berga. Several of these photos of Bad Orb were contributed and will hopefully be included.

Barbara B. kindly sent a copy of this Bad Orb photo from the National Archives:

[National Archives Photo: Bad Orb, Stalag IXB]

Mr. Windholz has research at his Stalag IXB website. He sent me the following list of U.S. camp deaths at Bad Orb from January - April 1945. The crosses in the photos above may represent temporary markers for these casualties.

Stalag IX B, American Compound, Camp Deaths
Jan. 26, 1945 to Apr. 1, 1945
Transcribed by O. M. Windholz from a hand written document kept by Pvt. Edmund Pfannenstiel, 2nd American Chief Man of Confidence
Hudson, Edward R. / Larson, Robert A. / Leusinring, R.V. / Smith, Jack / Casados, V.E. / Breckfel, H.S. / Francis, J.O. / Bubb, K.C. / Bakkum, S.E. / Kozaska, Timothy / Boynton, Robert H. / Knight, Ralph / Pearson, Edwin H. / Sherwood, James / Nyquist, Robert / Cardini, Albert R. / Sadler, Lester R. / Dieffenthaler, W.J. / Howell, Ernest E. / Klippel, Edward A. / Dunivan, Marvin C. / Schwartz, Merle D. / Murray, Gilbert P. / Efteland, John / Winebrenner, Lester / DeMuth, Russell / Edris, George L. / Rudnan, Bernard / Jungen, Joseph / Rapodole, Wm (English soldier) / Siegrist, Robert H. / Licht, Edwin M. / Mayer O.D. / English, W.A. / Rumsey, Gudson H. / Haile, Lewis M. / Runnels, Floyd M. / Thompson, George

Another site with information on Stalag IXB: 44th Infantry Division Site

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