Henry E. Freedman
422nd Regiment
106th Infantry Division
Henry E. Freedman - 1942, Camp Blanding, Florida Henry E. Freedman - Present Day

Hank Freedman was born in Boston, Massachusetts on September 21, 1921.

On October 13, 1942 he was assigned to 313th Infantry Regiment, 79th Infantry Division in Camp Blanding, Florida. After training in Florida and Tennessee as a machine gunner, Hank was promoted to Sergeant. He attended school at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and Auburn University.

In March 1944 Hank was assigned to 422nd Infantry Regiment, 106th Infantry Division at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. He was shipped overseas in October on the SS Aquatania, landing at Glasgow, Scotland. Hank then was transferred to Le Havre, France in November.
On December 19, 1944, Hank was captured during the Battle of the Bulge. After much walking and being loaded in 40 X 8 boxcars and bombed by the RAF on Christmas Eve, Hank arrived at Stalag IX-B on December 25, 1944. He was transferred to Stalag IX-A on January 25, 1945.

After being liberated on March 30, 1945, Hank spent 3 to4 weeks in hospitals in France. He had lost 55 pounds as a POW.  Hank was flown back to the United States and discharged November 24, 1945.


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