Surrender of Stalag IX-B
to the Americans
This one minute video shows the 44th Division rolling into Stalag IX-B and liberating the prisoners of war.  The photos below will identify the individuals in the video.

Be aware that the video is 7.5 Mbytes. 
On dial-up, it may take one-half an hour to download. 


Ben F. Dodge - Eddie Pfannenstiel (Chief Man of Confidence),
& Lt. Col. Walter Fetterly, 114th Inf. Div., 2nd Bn. on April 2, 1945.

Commandant Oberst Karl Sieber - Unidentified Camp Officer

Stalag IXB was initially liberated by the
106th Cavalry Group and relieved by:
114th Inf. Div., 2nd Bn. commanded by Lt. Col. Walter
D. Fetterly on April 2, 1945.

This video is the courtesy of James Osman. 
His Father, James Osman,
94th Inf. Div., 302 Inf. Reg., Co. M., 2nd Bn,
was a captive here.

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