Charles Umsted
106th Infantry Division

Umsted, Chas. C. Pvt.

MIA/POW Son of late Dr. C.V. Umsted.

Was with 106th division in Belgium. Article WT 1-17-45 p.1 c.3; art. 106th division and German attack WT 1-24-45 p.1 c.3&4; POW in German Camp. Article. WT 3-14-45 p.1 c.3;

Liberated from German camp. WT 5-2-45 p.1 c.3; PFC In hospital in England. WT 5-16-45 p.5 c.1;

At Halloran Hosp. Staten Island.

Wounded in Battle of the Bulge. Was with 1st army. Art. WT 5-30-45 p.5 c.1; Home from hospital. WT 6-20-45 p.5 c.1; PFC War memorabilia on display. WT 7-4-45 p.5 c.1; Enroute to Rhodes Hosp. Utica.

Visiting WT 8-29-45 p.1 c.2; PFC Visiting. WT 9-26-45 p.5 c.1; Letter abt. resuming civilian life. WT 10-10-45 p.2 c.3-5; PFC Awarded Purple Heart. Article. WT 11-7-45 p.1 c.4; Receives honorable discharge WT 11-14-45 p.1 c.2

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