Frank C. Molinari
Company C, 422 Regiment
106th Infantry Division

I was with the 422 C Co. On the morning of the 16th December, 1944 we had been alerted to move out to assist the 423 on our left flank and did we walk into Hell and all I can say is we fought like hell just to stay alive.

I remember some colonel had us regroup and he walked us during the evening hours trying to get back thru the German line with out success. Then for some reason this entire group broke up and the few guys from my Co, said lets try to make a run for it on our own which we did without success.

All during this period of not knowing what or where we were heading we encountered more German Troops and tanks.  We got clobbered to say the least and without ammo and food we were picked off by German troops and were forced to surrender.

Shortly there after we were put to work filling in the deep ruts on the road that were caused by the German army bringing their tanks on sleds pulled by horses and mules. This was reported back to Hdqrs. on December 12, 1944.

We were told they were playing recordings just to make us fear that a large German force was moving in.     To this day  I still Maintain that we were sacrificed over a 21 mile front and the allies knew what was going on all the time.  A lot of young men died and were badly wounded during this period of the War. 
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