Robert Grimes, SSgt
423rd Regiment, Headquarters
106th Infantry Division
VMail home on Ebay 9-09-2007.

My dearest Mom, Dad & All, I haven't much to say or much time to say it in, but will write just a few line to let you know I'm, safe and well and on my way home for sixty days. I can't say just when or how soon but can assure you that at the rate we've been going it won't be too long. I'm going back through the same camp I left from so you'll probably get a call to meet that old bus and at the same place.

I haven't heard from any of you back there for quite some time but trust that all is well and hope to be seeing you all soon. - And say Pap by the way I'll be there for bass season so you'd better have some of those big fat worms ready.

Must close now sending all my love - I am your loving son Always "Bob"

for sale on Ebay, 01/2010

Later a Prisoner of War, captured 12/21/1944
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