ROSTERS of Individuals by Division
or Buildings by Post/Base
more than 200,000
Individual Records
The Rosters have been updated and are now available using Google Sheets. They are all available for viewing.

Additions or corrections can only be made by this author.

To view any of the rosters,
simply email me at
and indicate which roster your are interested in. 

By return email, you will receive the link to that roster. 

There is no cost or obligation.

Available Rosters:

Atterbury USAAF & Bakalar AFB

Camp Atterbury,WW2 (Personnel or Buildings) 

Camp Atterbury, WW2 Italian & German POWS      

Freeman Field, WW2 (Personnel or Buildings)

28th Infantry Division, WW2 & Korea

30th Infantry Division, WW2 +

31st Infantry Division, WW2 & Korea

83rd Infantry Division, WW2

92nd Infantry Division, WW2

106th Infantry Division, WW2
(now managed by the 106th Division Association)

Wakeman General & Convalescent Hospital, WW2

German POW camps holding Allied Prisoners


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