Jan 1, 1950 - President Truman announced that he had ordered full-speed development of the hydrogen bomb.

Jan 10,1950 - Dental Clinic opens at Atterbury AFB.

Feb 10, 1950 - Senator McCarthy Charges Reds in US Government.

March 30, 1950 - President Truman denounced Senator Joe McCarthy as a saboteur of U.S. foreign policy.

April 9, 1950 - Bob Hope made his first television appearance.


June 25, 1950 - Start of Korean War (until cease fire on July 27, 1953)

June 27, 1950 - President Truman ordered the Air Force and Navy into the Korean conflict following a call from the United Nations Security Council for member nations to help South Korea repel an invasion from the North.

Congressional leaders and the public are informed that the the President has ordered air and sea forces to give the South Korean government troops cover and support. The U.S. Seventh Fleet is directed to prevent any attack on Formosa (Taiwan) and to see that the Chinese ("Nationalist") Government on Formosa cease operations against the mainland People's Republic of ("Red") China. The United Nations Security Council adopts a resolution recommending that the members of the U.N. furnish assistance to the Republic of Korea in order to repel the attack and restore peace and security in Korea .

June 28, 1950 - General Douglas MacArthur arrived in South Korea as Seoul fell to the North Korean forces.

June 30, 1950 - President Harry Truman ordered U.S. troops into Korea and authorizes the draft. On that same day B-29 'Superfortresses' bombed targets in North Korea.

July 1, 1950 - American ground troops arrived in South Korea to stem the tide of the advancing North Korean army.

July 8, 1950 - President Harry Truman named US Gen. Douglas MacArthur as commander-in-chief of United Nations forces assisting the South Koreans.

July 26-29,1950 - US troops killed up to 300 South Korean refugees trapped under a bridge at No Gun Ri. The villagers had gathered there to avoid strafing from US planes which killed some 100. US troops feared the refugees included infiltrators from North Korea. The killings were not made public until 1999.

Aug 1, 1950 - 1950 - CAMP ATTERBURY returned to active status by General Order No. 28.

Aug 2, 1950 - Alert Order issued for the 28th Division.

Aug 3, 1950 - In South Korea Maj. General. Hobart R. Gay ordered the demolition of the Waegwan Bridge over the Naktong River to prevent enemy crossings. The bridge was filled with refugees. 25 miles down river the 650-foot long Tuksong-dong bridge was also destroyed as refugees crossed. Gay later became Post Commander of CAMP ATTERBURY.

Aug 10, 1950 -

August 6, 2005 - K Company leaves Sept. 7; World War I anniversary - K Company, 110th Pennsylvania regiment, 28th Infantry Division will leave Thursday, Sept. 7, to go to training at Camp Atterbury, Ind., Capt. Fred Phillips announced Tuesday. This is the same date upon which the World War company left for training at Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga. under Capt. Walter C. Montgomery.  Capt. Montgomery, William W. Garrison, Alfred Strosnider, Lou Bell and County Commissioner Frank F. Bryan have been named a committee by Waynesburg Chamber of Commerce to arrange a suitable send off for the company.  New recruits are being accepted into the company, age 17 to 36 years. Recruits over 36 must have one year's active service for each year over the age limit.  Washington Observer Reporter - Washington,PA,USA

Aug 22, 1950 - 28th Division ordered to Active Duty.  Warning Movement Order issued.

Aug 23, 1950 - 388th Evac Hospital (750-bed) activated at CAMP ATTERBURY.

1 Sept. 1950 - Former Wakeman General Hospital reactivated as Army Hospital #8, by General Order #4, dated 31 August 1950.  Phase one of Project 17-51 provided for general rehabilitation of 26 hospital buildings at a cost of $261,600.  Phase two provided for general rehabilitation of 24 hospital buildings at a cost of $479,500.  Phase three provided for alterations and repairs to 30 hospital buildings at a cost of $982,700.  Exterior door canopies of aluminum were placed over all outside entrances to the hospital.

Sept 5, 1950 - 28th Division inducted into Federal Service.

Sept 11, 1950 - Less than 12 hours after the first train left, tragedy struck the entire state of Pennsylvania into a state of mourning.  Early in the Monday dawn ,  a train carrying nearly five hundred 28th Division soldiers from the northeast Pennsylvania area had stopped along the tracks near Coshocton, Ohio, while brakemen inspected a broken air hose.  Suddenly, despite warning flares that had been set along the tracks behind the last car, a crack passenger train crashed into the rear of the troop train at sixty miles an hour.  In an instant a peaceful scene had been transformed into unbelievable horror.  Thirty-three soldiers were dead, and hundreds injured.  Hardly a man on board the train was not bruised or cut by shattered glass.  The dead were members of Service and "B" Batteries of the 109th Field Artillery Battalion.  At Wilkes-Barre and Kingston, the home station of the dead, a gloom descended over the communities, and lasted for ten days until the last of the dead had been buried.

Sept 13,  1950 - 28th Division arrives CAMP ATTERBURY from Pennsylvania.

Sept 16, 1950 - 28th Division assembles on the CAMP ATTERBURY parade grounds for a memorial service for the 33 killed in the train wreck.

Sept 21, 1950 - Major General Withers Burress and Brigadier General George Honnen visit the 28th Division at CAMP ATTERBURY.

Sept 26, 1950 - Last of 10 Regular Army Instruction Teams arrive at CAMP ATTERBURY for initial training of the 28th Division.

Sept 29, 1950 - Veteran Combat Officer comes to CAMP ATTERBURY - This is the third time that Brig. General Thomas L. Hoban has closed his law books to answer the call to Active Duty.  A surprise birthday cake was presented to the General in the officers mess while the quartet and band of the 109th Regiment serenaded the General with "Happy Birthday", "The Old Grey Mare" and "Old Soldiers Never Die".  General Hoban joined in singing the latter two songs.  --  Post Commandant Colonel James A. Murphey, is a Veteran of 34 years of service.  --  Major General Daniel B. Strickler is the only officer to serve in combat with the 28th Division in both WW1 and WW2. --  Name the Paper Contest.  The name "Atterbury" cannot appear in the title. -- Post Commander, Col. Murphey  makes rent gouging charges to area rent control attorney. -- Mr. Bates, editor of the Tribune newspapers in Meadville, Pa., purchases two TV sets for the 112th Companies of the 28th Division.

Oct 2, 1950 - Division receives first paychecks. Soldiers of the 28th Division received their first federal paychecks since being activated early this month.

Oct 3, 1950 - First trainload of 550 untrained enlistees, of an eventual total of 9,000, arrives at CAMP ATTERBURY for basic training with the 28th Division.  -- First selectees arrive at camp. Barbara Stanwyck guest at CAMP ATTERBURY. In Indianapolis to open her new movie, "To Please A Lady". She was accompanied by race driver Wilbur Shaw.

Oct 4, 1950 - Restaurateur, Chris Colovos, of Pa. receives Letter of Commendation from Gen. Strickler for accompanying advance units of the 28th Division to access mess hall needs at the newly re-activated CAMP ATTERBURY.  --  Big trailer camp planned here. 22 Acres adjoining CAMP ATTERBURY planned to house trailers for 300 servicemen.

Oct 5, 1950 - Lieutenant General Stephen J. Chamberlain, 5th Army Commander, visits 28th Division at CAMP ATTERBURY.  General Chamberlin Lauds Atterbury. "Fine Division - Fine Camp" was the brief summary by Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Chamberlin, Commanding General of the Fifth Army.

Oct 6, 1950 - First baby born at recently reactivated Army Hospital at CAMP ATTERBURY.  Barbara Stanwyck appears at dance at CAMP ATTERBURY. -- First payday at CAMP ATTERBURY -- PFC Curt Simmons, Headquarters, Headquarters Battery, Division Artillery, 28th Division, given 10 day leave to participate in the World Series.

Oct 9, 1950 - Ask for bids on two new CAMP ATTERBURY  buildings. Two one-story concrete buildings are planned. Also asking for bids on 360 training aid dummies.

Oct 10, 1950 - Gray Ladies Will Be Re-Activated for CAMP ATTERBURY.  Meeting Is Scheduled At Post Wednesday.

Oct 11, 1950 - The Federal Communications Commission authorized the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) to begin commercial color TV broadcasts

Oct 12, 1950 - General J. Lawton Collins, Chief of Staff, US Army visits 28th Division at CAMP ATTERBURY.

Oct 13, 1950 - 112th Regiment becomes first component to attain full strength for the 28th Division. Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Chamberlien, CO of the 5th Army says 28th Division may go anywhere at anytime after training cycle. -- General J. Lawton Collins, Army Chief of Staff addresses Atterbury officers and NCO's in the Sports Arena.

Oct 17, 1950 - 40,000 clothes hangers needed at CAMP ATTERBURY.

Oct 19, 1950 - MG Strickler reveals 28 more weeks of training is store for the 28th Division. 11 weeks of individual training, 13 weeks of unit (squad to Battalion), 2 weeks of regimental level training, and 2 weeks of Divisional training.

Oct 20, 1950 - First Korean War Casualties Arrive at CAMP ATTERBURY's Hospital. -- Camp Buildings Will Be Painted. Ask Bids On 266 Structures Today. -- Former Wehrmacht machine gunner meets target he missed at Dueren.

Oct 27, 1950 - The US Army hospital at CAMP ATTERBURY admits its first American civilian Korean War causality, member of the Red Cross. -- New name of the CAMP ATTERBURY/28th Division paper will be the CARDINAL, chosen from more than 150 suggestions.  It associates CAMP ATTERBURY with Indiana as the Cardinal is the state bird.

Oct 30, 1950 - 30-year-old lineman dies of shock and burns received at CAMP ATTERBURY. Mr. Chester S. Cockerham dies after receiving severe shock while inspecting transformers.

Nov 1, 1950 - Two members of a Puerto Rican nationalist movement tried to force their way into Blair House in Washington to assassinate President Truman. The attempt failed, and one of the pair was killed.

Nov 8, 1950 - During the Korean conflict the first all-jet air combat took place over Korea as U.S. Air Force Lieut. Russell J. Brown shot down a North Korean MiG-15. It lasted about 30 seconds.

Nov 10, 1950 - General Mark Clark inspects the newly activated 28th Division at CAMP ATTERBURY.

Nov 21, 1950 - Training Chief for 28th Division to visit camp. Brig. Gen. David A. D. Ogden, Chief of the Organization and training division of the Army to arrive Tuesday afternoon.

Dec 15, 1950 - Patti Page with Ralph Flanagan's Band entertained hospital patients in a surprise visit to CAMP ATTERBURY.

Dec 16, 1950 - 28th Division men granted 5-day furloughs instead of promised 10-days.  Korean Crisis Is Given As Reason  --  Yuletide party planned at Camp. Children of servicemen will be entertained at a Christmas party in Service Club No. 1. Approximately 700 planned to attend. Santa to arrive in a jeep.

Dec 23, 1950 - General Walton H. Walker, the commander of the Eighth Army in Korea, was killed in a jeep accident. Lieutenant General Matthew B. Ridgeway was named his successor.

Dec 29, 1950 - Five soldiers injured at Camp by shell explosion. All from Tank Co., 112th Regiment, 28th Division. Injured when a bazooka shell exploded.

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